SHRM's Guide to Background Screening Systems

There are thousands of background screening companies, and the guide below represents a sampling of the top rated according to feedback from SHRM members. To see a list of 500+ background screening providers, please visit this site.

* For a side-by-side comparison of systems, check the box next to each provider and the box above each of the system attributes you would like to compare.



Phone: 800.784.3911

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  • Built-in compliance including electronic disclosure and authorization processing, hiring criteria consistency and pre-adverse and adverse-action management
  • Technology provides access to real-time criminal data in 2,500 federal, state and local courthouses
  • Includes Accurate Now division designed to serve small- and medium-sized businesses
  • Verification services  confirm employment, education, and professional history
  • Wide range of drug-screening services with mobile-optimized candidate self-scheduling
  • Candidate portal allows applicants to complete background checks from any device and receive real-time status updates
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Phone: 800-906-2035


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  • Criminal screens that cover all traditional requests
  • Federal and county civil searches
  • Credit history as part of preconfigured package or ordered a la carte
  • Comprehensive drug testing with network of 16,000 facilities
  • Employment, education and professional license verification
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CareerBuilder Employment Screening
Phone: 877-345-5256


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  • We offer a full suite of federal, state and county criminal searches
  • Electronic I-9 and E-Verify services ensure corporate control and full record storage for audits
  • Drug tests meet comprehensive requirements with SAMHSA-certified testing labs
  • Updates provided in real time on screens from single dashboard
  • Employment and education verification services are provided

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Carco Group
Phone: 800-969-2272


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  • Legal expertise and compliance includes continuous monitoring of Equal Employment
  • Opportunity Commission guidelines as well as federal, state and international legislation using internal resources and outside counsel.
  • Expert tracking, analysis and reverification of screening data ensures quality applicant information.
  • HR workflow technology is configurable to distinct client needs and technology environments.
  • Access provided to foreign language resources and subsequent verification capabilities in more than 100 countries. A single global platform ensures consistency in background screening.
  • Mobile app for uploading documents facilitates the process of transferring forms required for background checks or I-9 processes.
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Phone: 844-224-3257

Zillow, Uber, GrubHub

  • SSN trace and federal, state and county criminal record checks
  • FCRA compliance ensured through embedded technology
  • Intuitive and modern user interface
  • Automated to send adverse action notices quickly
  • Post-hire rescreening with real-time reporting data

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Phone: 800.969.2272

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  • Includes criminal history, SSN trace and sex offender registry in its FCRA-compliant screens
  • Conducts continuous post-hire screens as needed
  • Compliant with GDPR and other data-privacy legislation
  • Current with state-specific “ban-the-box” requirements
  • Searches and analyzes social media posts with focus on compliance

Corporate Screening Services
Phone: 800-229-8606


Owens Corning, Samuel Merritt University, Sutter Health

  • Provides address and name history with SSN trace
  • Conducts federal and state court searches for felonies and misdemeanors
  • Searches seven years of criminal court files at municipal courts
  • Provides employment, education and professional license verification
  • Offers comprehensive drug testing with online administration and SAMHSA-certified lab partners

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Phone: 866.427.7837

Contact company

  • Federal, state and county criminal history searches
  • Federal and county civil record reports
  • Education, employment and professional reference verification
  • Full range of occupational health and drug-screening services
  • International checks for more than 200 countries
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Employment Background Investigations (EBI)
Phone: 800-324-7700

Rolls-Royce, Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ciena

  • Verifies applicant information and identifies aliases through SSN trace
  • Searches federal, state and county criminal records
  • Manages all aspects of drug screening from a single interface
  • Quickly sends preapproved adverse action letters
  • Offers basic and extended reference checks

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Employee Screening Resources (ESR)
Phone: 888-999-4474

Team Rubicon, Seattle Insurance
  • FCRA-compliant, primary-source verified checks of all criminal and civil records
  • Automated technology for applicant notices, disclosures and “ban-the-box” compliance
  • Client portal that manages compliance and adverse action notices
  • Continuous monitoring as needed for existing employees
  • Online drug testing solution with access to 10,000 collection facilities
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First Advantage
Phone: 844-718-0087

Citibank, Kelly Services
  • Checks federal, state and court criminal records and sex offender registries
  • Minimizes data entry needs and errors with automated workflows
  • Offers compliant screens for contractors, vendors and temp staff
  • Verifies immigration status as well as employment and education history
  • Offers support in 22 languages
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Global HR Research
Phone: 800.790.1205

Contact company

  • Intuitive, fully automated platform customizable for client needs
  • Federal criminal and national database searches
  • Comprehensive, compliant state and county criminal and civil reporting
  • Employment and education checks
  • Integrated I-9 verification through E-Verify
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Phone: 855-496-1572

thredUp, Draft Kings, Tuft & Needle, Parts Authority

  • Hundreds of screening services, including criminal records, MVRs, drug screening, education and employment verifications, professional reference checks, OIG sanctions list, international background checks, and more
  • Intuitive platform, real-time status updates and easy-to-read reports
  • Tools to stay compliant with federal, state and local legal requirements, including ban-the box laws
  • Built-in adverse action workflow helps keep you compliant and eliminates manual paper processing
  • Intuitive platform, real-time status updates and easy-to-read reports
  • User-friendly candidate experience that is optimized for mobile
  • US-based FCRA-trained and certified customer service agents for customers and candidates
  • Easily customize your screening packages for different position types
  • Advanced decisioning features include automated adjudication and record filtering
Basic edition $29.99 per applicant, plus one-time setup fee
Hire Image
Phone: 888-433-0090
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  • Wide variety of comprehensive background and drug screening products, including, but not limited to, criminal records – state, county, federal, and nationwide, driving records, drug and occupational health testing, employment, education and reference verification, and international screening.
  • Advanced technology that makes the screening process fast, simple, and affordable.
  • Orders can be placed through our user-friendly platform by clients or applicants or through integration with HRIS/ATS providers.
  • Secure web-based service to easily request online background checks and other screening services, track pending and completed reports, and securely retrieve and archive completed background reports 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Easy-to-use and easy-to-read reports, along with Fair Credit Reporting Act compliance expertise.
  • Client data is never offshored.
  • Excellent client support experience with all operational staff FCRA-certified.
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Phone: 800-400-2761

Not provided. But HireRight serves 70 percent of Fortune 100 companies
  • Wide network of in-house and on-the-ground researchers
  • SSN trace and full suite of federal, state and county searches
  • Modern applicant portal to enhance candidate experience
  • Employment, academic degree and professional license verifications
  • Full drug-test screening with certified laboratories  
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Phone: 770-984-2727
Duke University, DuPont, Waffle House
  • Federal, state and county criminal record searches
  • Rules-based technologies with embedded compliance knowledge
  • Customer support from FCRA-certified team
  • Biometrically authenticated identifier so candidates can initiate own screens
  • Full drug testing with 6,000 collection sites and online administration
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Phone: 888.946.8355

Contact company
  • Federal, state and county criminal searches
  • Full complement of drug-testing services
  • Credit reporting for money-handling roles
  • Comprehensive check of individual driving records
  • International background checks and employment and education verification
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Phone: 800-356-6885

Contact company
  • Checks national criminal databases and federal court records
  • Conducts seven-year search of county court and state criminal records
  • Provides view of applicant screening status in real time via dashboard
  • Offers comprehensive drug testing and paperless chain of custody
  • Provides driving records from all states
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MBI Worldwide
Phone: 866.275.4624

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  • Seven- to 10-year search of federal criminal records
  • SSN trace with address histories and aliases
  • Automated processes complemented by compliance experts to address risks
  • Array of paperless drug testing and wide network of certified labs
  • Internal tracking system for those without an ATS/HRIS
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MeSH Background Screening
Phone: 888-988-MeSH
(6374) ext. 1

Contact company
  • Text and email alerts to applicant to drive the process
  • Applicant tracking portal
  • Same day turn around in 90 percent of services
  • Partnered with over 13,000 drug screening clinics (DOT & Non-DOT)
  • Federal, state, & county search
  • Employment education, references, and professional license verifications
  • 100 percent U.S. based customer support from FCRA proficient staff
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Phone: 800.899.2272

Amnesty International, Liberty Healthcare, BioReference
  • Federal, state and county court criminal checks
  • Employment, education and professional license verifications
  • Integrated I-9 and E-Verify solutions to reduce manual processing
  • International checks in 195 countries
  • Credit reports for candidates with managerial, accounting and check-writing duties
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Universal Background Screening
Phone: 877-263-8033

Contact company
  • Nontraditional candidates like contractors, vendors and volunteers screened
  • Continuous monitoring post-hire as needed
  • Intuitive client and applicant portals and integration with leading ATS providers
  • Drug testing via network of 8,000 collection sites and SAMHSA-certified labs
  • Online completion and storage of I-9 forms and integration with E-Verify
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