SHRM's Guide to Background Screening Systems

The stakes for choosing a background-screening provider have always been high, but now that decision looms larger than ever. As laws governing background checks constantly shift, regulatory oversight expands and the ranks of applicants misrepresenting themselves grows, selecting a vendor to conduct background screens of your candidates assumes greater weight. · Read More

For a side-by-side comparison of systems, check the box next to each provider and the box above each of the system attributes you would like to compare.

* For a side-by-side comparison of systems, check the box next to each provider and the box above each of the system attributes you would like to compare.



Accurate Background
Phone: 800-784-3911

Mazda, Sbarro, Ross Stores
  • Creates easy-to-read screening reports on a wide range of criminal searches, national Social Security number and address locations, employment and education verification, sex offender registry services, and more.
  • Provides access to information on applicants in more than 1,500 federal, state and local courthouses. Offers detailed case information and reports matched by multiple identifiers.
  • Drug-testing services include urine, oral fluid and hair tests and testing for alcohol.
  • Global watch product identifies politically exposed persons, specially designated nationals, terrorists and others considered high-risk.
  • An application programming interface (API) integrates easily across clients’ Web and mobile applications to provide access to Fair Credit Reporting Act-compliant screening products.
  • Basic API background checks: $10
  • Standard API checks: $22
  • Pro package checks: $30

Phone: 800-906-2035


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  • Offers a full suite of criminal records search products, including county, state and federal court records; sex offender registries; department of corrections records; and international records.
  • A proprietary national criminal information bureau database provides current criminal record data and comprehensive records.
  • Civil record checks include county courts, motor vehicle reports, commercial driver’s licenses, employment credit checks and more.
  • Screening orders can be placed directly through the Asurint platform, an applicant direct portal or applicant tracking system integrations.
  • Data sources proactively comply with all provisions of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act.
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Phone: 866-255-1852


AIT Worldwide Logistics, Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurants, Credico

  • A cloud-based portal consolidates background-screening, drug-testing, I-9 and occupational health services. Portal reduces manual intervention, provides extensive business intelligence through a dashboard and enhances the candidate experience.
  • A fully automated applicant self-service tool enables candidates to complete screening forms quickly with auto-populated online pages.
  • Reporting tools provide business intelligence and analysis to help accurately forecast and mitigate hiring risks.
  • Web portal supports six ways to order screening products and services, with each method integrated into a cohesive background-screening program.
  • Clients receive up-to-the-minute updates on background checks and drug-testing completion to set timetables for the hiring process.

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Carco Group
Phone: 800-969-2272


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  • Legal expertise and compliance includes continuous monitoring of Equal Employment
  • Opportunity Commission guidelines as well as federal, state and international legislation using internal resources and outside counsel.
  • Expert tracking, analysis and reverification of screening data ensures quality applicant information.
  • HR workflow technology is configurable to distinct client needs and technology environments.
  • Access provided to foreign language resources and subsequent verification capabilities in more than 100 countries. A single global platform ensures consistency in background screening.
  • Mobile app for uploading documents facilitates the process of transferring forms required for background checks or I-9 processes.
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Phone: 844-224-3257

Contact company

  • Criminal records search includes a county, state and federal check for misdemeanor and felony cases and a sex offender registry check.
  • Automated compliance tools allow for rapid delivery of adverse action communications.
  • Reports and violations are categorized to help users remain compliant with individual assessment requirements.
  • Software has tools to help comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and state laws.
  • All client data is transferred using high-grade and multilayered encryption.

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Corporate Screening
Phone: 800-229-8606


Sutter Health, Owens Corning, City College of San Francisco

  • Comprehensive domestic and global screening coverage available in more than 200 countries and territories.
  • Integration capabilities allow background checks to be seamlessly incorporated into recruitment and onboarding systems.
  • Screening tools for vendors limit the risk associated with nonemployee workforces and temp agencies and speed placement of supplemental staff.
  • A Web delivery system brings all screening activities, tasks and tools together in one platform.
  • The I-9 process is automated for quick and accurate employment eligibility verification. Securely stores I-9 forms online.

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Credential Check Corporation
Phone: 888-689-2000


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  • A Business Partner Focused on Compliance – CredentialCheck® is a compliance partner to our clients. This partnership begins in the sales process when we review available background screening services with the client and assist them with matching services based on their business need. Throughout the partnership, we provide clients with opportunities to learn more about compliance through our monthly and quarterly compliance email updates, as well as our quarterly compliance webinars. Our webinars are offered to all clients free of charge, and feature hot topics in employment law such as the rapidly-expanding Ban the Box movement, or creating a compliant yet simple Disclosure and Authorization.
  • National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) Accreditation - CredentialCheck® is a founding member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners NAPBS where we earned the highest distinction of Accreditation in 2015, a recognition and best practices standard shared by few in the profession.
  • U.S. Based Service and Support – CredentialCheck® prides itself on providing our clients with live support and service from our US-based team.
  • Background Screening + Drug Testing = APPOL 2.0 -The need for a streamlined process is something that all HR Professionals can agree on and we couldn’t agree more. Within the CredentialCheck’s® APPOL 2.0, our clients have the ability to submit background checks and drug tests simultaneously or separately, based on your hiring process.
  • Applicant entry – Eliminate the manual labor on your team and enable the applicant to complete their own information. This process also includes an automatic disclosure and authorization form and allows the candidate to complete the process 100% online and finish with an electronic signature.
  • Mobile Capabilities – The CredentialCheck® APPOL 2.0 Platform in addition to standard desktop accessibility, is cross-browser compatible and can be utilized via tablet or smartphone.
  • Integration Capabilities -CredentialCheck® partners with several Applicant Tracking and HRIS Partners including but not limited to: Taleo, iCIMS, SilkRoad, WorkDay, ADP, TechnoMedia, Kenexa. These integrations allow our clients to eliminate duplicate data entry and live within their current ATS or HRIS.
  • Real-Time Status Updates – Status updates are key for keeping managers and directors in tune with their screening program. CredentialCheck® takes the guess work out of the background screening program and enables our clients to see real-time updates from our team. Whether it’s a tracked phone call to a reference or an estimated completion date, the communication is pro-active and transparent.

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Phone: 800-264-4110


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  • An “exact check” process ensures accurate, Fair Credit Reporting Act-compliant results by using licensed private investigators to verify all adverse records.
  • Four types of criminal history searches are available. Seven years of data on felonies and misdemeanors are retrieved, with date and nature of offense, current status, and disposition.
  • Client data is not offshored, given the absence of strict data privacy laws and enforcement structures in other countries.
    Single-bureau credit reports give the number of current and delinquent accounts, suits, judgments, and more for applicants seeking a financially responsible position.
  • Comprehensive onsite and offsite drug-screening options are provided. Employers can choose from a variety of drug-screening products and processes.
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EBI Inc.
Phone: 800-324-7700


Contact company

  • Clients manage domestic and global background-screening, drug-testing and occupational health programs from one online platform.
  • Screening technology ensures a fluid client and candidate experience with user-friendly and time-saving tools.
  • Pre-integrated solutions interface with applicant tracking systems, eliminating applicants’ dual data entry and enhancing efficiencies.
  • Screening reports feature color-coded applicant statuses, hyperlinked sections and adjudication statuses. Available in HTML or PDF format.
  • All aspects of the drug-testing program are managed in one location, informing clients when samples are collected or if a candidate was a “no-show.” Self-service technology creates proactive control over scheduling, exam management and compliance.

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Edge Information Management
Phone: 800-725-3343

Bealls Inc., Hibbett Sports, Conway Lakes Health and Rehab
  • The online portal, WebScreen, can be used as a stand-alone screening management product or be integrated with most applicant tracking systems.
  • In-depth employment verification and reference checks confirm an applicant’s former job duties, performance, eligibility for rehire, reason for resignation and more.
  • Drug-testing programs meet all regulatory requirements for drugs-of-abuse testing, including Drug-Free Workplace Programs, Department of Defense, Federal Aviation Authority and Department of Transportation guidelines.
  • System enables clients to maintain a compliant, paperless and streamlined I-9 process.
  • Sample forms assist clients in developing their own compliant forms for particular hiring approaches. Also includes sample adverse action forms for client legal counsel review.
  • Basic search for small businesses: $24.95
  • Pro search (up to three searches): $39.95
  • Premium search (unlimited): $54.95

Employment Screening Resources
Phone: 888-999-4474

CrossCheck Inc., Oroville Hospital, Johns Hopkins University
  • Criminal searches cover county, state and federal records; sex offender registry; and more. Criminal records searches show felony and misdemeanor convictions and pending cases, typically including date/nature of offense, sentencing date, disposition and current status.
  • Social Security number traces use a private-sector database compiled from hundreds of sources.
  • International screenings can be conducted for global recruiting initiatives. Makes direct contact with the school, employer, licensing agency or designated record keeper when performing international verifications.
  • Drug-testing services include specimen collection at approved collection facilities, laboratory screening, confirmation for all non-negative drug screens and more.
  • Extensive education and employment verifications as well as professional reference checks are offered.
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First Advantage
Phone: 844-317-5232

Boys & Girls Clubs of America, DEI Communities, Kelly Services
  • A “one-world” program provides consolidated access to worldwide background-screening, drug-screening and fingerprinting services with multilingual ordering capabilities.
  • Comprehensive criminal records searches allow for quick search of relevant criminal records, sex offenses, and professional or financial sanctions.
  • Detailed support is available for technology integrations, program customization and process automation.
  • The identities, immigration status, and professional and educational backgrounds of applicants are efficiently validated.
  • Enhanced candidate experience created with intuitive online and phone-based tools for scheduling drug testing, fingerprint collections and more.
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Phone: 888-333-5696

Not provided. But GIS provides screening services to 20 percent of the Fortune 500.

  • Offers comprehensive federal, state, county and international criminal history search.
  • VeriCourt automated jurisdiction screening tool provides the same information as in a physical search but with faster turnaround times.
  • An international department keeps clients current on country-specific requirements for screening and data security.
  • The drug-testing program includes both pre-employment and random testing solutions. Services include scheduling assistance for drug tests, advanced technology for order scheduling and results retrieval.
  • Offers a range of onboarding solutions to fit client needs and reduce manual processes.
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Phone: 888-906-4284

Crisis Text Line

  • Background checks include Social Security number trace and address history; seven-year county, state and federal criminal search; terror watchlist search; and more.
  • TrueMe product gives applicants a say in their screening results. Comments for Context feature allows applicants with criminal records to share a more complete story that goes beyond court records.
  • Supports a variety of integrations with applicant tracking system platforms. Allows clients to easily and securely obtain legally compliant candidate consent and receive real-time status screening updates.
  • Includes comprehensive drug-testing, education and employment verification checks.
  • International checks screen anyone working in the U.S. who previously worked or attended school in another country. Runs checks in 223 countries.
  • Basic background checks (1-3 business days): $29.99
  • Standard checks (3-5 business days): $54.99
  • Premium checks (5-7 business days): $79.99
Hire Image
Phone: 888-433-0090
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  • Wide variety of comprehensive background and drug screening products, including, but not limited to, criminal records – state, county, federal, and nationwide, driving records, drug and occupational health testing, employment, education and reference verification, and international screening.
  • Advanced technology that makes the screening process fast, simple, and affordable.
  • Orders can be placed through our user-friendly platform by clients or applicants or through integration with HRIS/ATS providers.
  • Secure web-based service to easily request online background checks and other screening services, track pending and completed reports, and securely retrieve and archive completed background reports 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Easy-to-use and easy-to-read reports, along with Fair Credit Reporting Act compliance expertise.
  • Client data is never offshored.
  • Excellent client support experience with all operational staff FCRA-certified.
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Phone: 800-400-2761

Not provided. But HireRight serves 70 percent of Fortune 100 companies
  • Criminal background checks include county, state and federal records; U.S. government watchlists; and sex offender registry.
  • Multinational organizations can deploy a unified global screening program, and smaller employers can verify the multinational backgrounds of local candidates. Screening services cover 240 countries and support 20 languages.
  • Verifies employment histories and educational degrees and has an up-to-date list of known diploma mills.
  • Creates a user-friendly candidate experience by focusing on accessibility, transparency and quick answers to applicant questions.
  • Offers comprehensive solutions for alcohol and drug testing. Provider network covers more than 20,000 national collection sites.
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Phone: 1-800-800-3774
FedEx Ground, Randstad North America, Cox Enterprises, Nissan, Aflac, DuPont
  • Offers a full suite of services available on a global scale: criminal history searches, employment & education verifications, drug testing, membership & licensing searches, due diligence, third party risk management, sanctions searches, and identity screening.
  • Created Verified Watch list, the only legal sanctions search currently available for employment decisions. In-house analysts verify at least two personal identifiers before reporting a candidate as a match to government watch lists.
  • Reduces recruiter entry via a candidate-facing portal, ASAP Connect, and maintains EEOC compliance through an individualized assessment tracking system.
  • Verifies ID documents with ASAP ID, an application designed to biometrically authenticate an applicant’s selfie in real time, anywhere in the world.
  • Developed WebASAP, a web-based platform that seamlessly integrates with your existing HRIS and ATS systems (including Taleo, iCIMS, Kenexa, PeopleSoft, SAP, and more) via a simple API.
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Phone: 800-539-3717

Two Men and a Truck, Council on Standards for International Educational Travel, Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork
  • Conducts federal criminal searches as well as county and state background screens. Federal crimes can include fraud or embezzlement, tax evasion, drug trafficking, and more.
  • Additional screening services include Social Security number reporting with current and former address history, county of residence, and date of birth, as well as a former last name search.
  • Employment checks verify work credentials and include date of employment, job titles, responsibilities, reasons for leaving jobs and more.
  • Education verifications provide views into an applicant’s current and previous education history, including school name, address/phone, degrees achieved, graduation dates and more.
  • Motor vehicle reports offer a comprehensive review of individual driving records, including offenses and citations.
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Phone: 800-356-6885

Trilogy Health Services, Mansfield University, Liberty Bank
  • Offers comprehensive criminal background checks, employment verifications, pre-employment drug tests and degree verifications. Provides records by using a variety of online court services and a network of qualified public record retrievers.
  • An online reporting system, Justiweb, coordinates all services and provides 24-hour access to real-time background reports.
  • Integrates with more than 20 major applicant tracking system platforms and commonly used HR information system platforms.
  • An applicant portal gives clients the ability to send requests directly to candidates to securely complete necessary personal information and sign authorizations or waivers.
  • Drug-testing services cover all types of testing and include standard five-, nine- and 10-panel drug tests.
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Phone: 800-724-1616

Contact company
  • Provides federal, state and county criminal searches; federal and state civil searches; international criminal search; and employment/education verifications. Features a global network of search resources.
  • Drug-testing program includes random testing, pre-employment drug testing, alcohol testing, collection site management and more.
  • I-9 eligibility service allows clients to confirm the legal “right to work” status of newly hired employees.
    Electronically stores and retrieves active and inactive I-9 forms, providing secure, paperless access for updating and reverification.
  • Offers additional screening services that support risk management objectives. Includes searches on federal bankruptcy, liens and judgments, media, Department of Motor Vehicles, and workers’ compensation history.
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Phone: 800-999-9861

Stanford Hospital and Clinics, Scripps Hospital, Citrus Valley Medical Center
  • Specializes in serving the health care industry’s background-screening needs. Designed to meet the industry’s complex regulation and accreditation standards.
  • Offers specialized screening for physicians and allied health professionals. Checks include positive criminal search, positive identification, name search, sex offender registry search and more.
  • Provides a screening and drug-testing product for students attending clinical rotations or internships at health care facilities. Web-based screening solution connects the clinical site, the school and the student.
  • LicenseManager Pro is a Web-based system that provides primary source verification of licenses and certifications. Meets states’ requirements and those of accrediting bodies to ensure that required licenses for employees remain current and are renewed on time.
  • Online system enables completion and storage of electronic I-9 forms and submissions to E-Verify.
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Phone: 800-300-1821

Contact company
  • Offers full range of background-screening services, criminal records searches and reference checks. A special division, MyEmployment, handles employment verifications.
  • Client portal provides direct access to screening results and features an intuitive dashboard. Dashboard allows users to start a background check, view work-in-progress requests and look up past reports.
  • Wizard-based technology assists clients and answers questions to ease the process of ordering screens.
  • Applicants can enter personal information online to save time and increase input accuracy.
  • Integrates with popular applicant tracking and talent management systems to streamline and automate background checks.
  • Drug-testing portal allows real-time search of site locations, collection site requirements and a convenient test-ordering process.
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Sterling Talent Solutions
Phone: 800-899-2272

Liberty Healthcare Management, Graebel, 24 Hour Fitness
  • A proprietary search tool, Complete Criminal Locator, uses advanced technology and cross-referencing to identify all potential places to search for criminal records.
  • Technologies provide fast access to criminal records in county court jurisdictions. CourtDirect systemuses high-speed connections into more than 2,200 jurisdictions across the U.S.
  • Offers county, state and federal criminal records searches; civil court records search; education and employment verification; reference checks; professional license and certification verification; and more.
  • Global screening searches criminal records in 196 countries and includes education and employment verifications.
  • Drug- and health-screening solutions feature more than 12,000 test sites nationwide, most of which support electronic processing.
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Phone: 800-600-8999

Lighthouse Community Center, Westin Las Vegas Hotel, The Parking Spot
  • Conducts county, state and federal criminal records searches as well as sex offender registry, terrorist watchlist, Interpol and narcotics database searches.
  • Provides manual records searches in jurisdictions where data is not instantly available.
  • Obtains credit records in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act for financially responsible jobs. Also confirms education and employment histories.
  • Offers extensive motor vehicle reports to unearth license expiration dates and previous accidents or incidents and also checks commercial driver’s license history.
  • Investigates prior workers’ compensation claims and court records in select states to assess fitness for certain jobs.
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Universal Background Screening
Phone: 877-263-8033

Contact company
  • Background screens include criminal records searches (county, state and federal), with additional checks and sanction list searches to ensure that applicants don’t have a dangerous criminal history.
  • Verification services include past employment, education and reference checks. Additional checks, such as those involving motor vehicle records and credit reports, are available based on applicant job responsibilities and employer policies.
  • A vendor- and extended-workforce-screening program enables clients to extend their background-screening protocols to vendors, staffing firms, consultants, independent contractors and other third parties.
  • Offers a variety of drug- and alcohol-testing services for pre-employment, post-accident and ongoing testing.
  • Integrates with dozens of leading applicant tracking system and HR information system solutions for more-efficient screening and workforce management.
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