DHS Issues COVID-19 Guidance for E-Verify

Time to resolve TNCs extended

Roy Maurer By Roy Maurer March 23, 2020
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​E-Verify case creation deadlines will remain in place—although relaxed—but the timeframe for affected workers to resolve some tentative nonconfirmations (TNCs) will be extended, according to new guidance issued by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

DHS provided the following guidelines for employers whose operations are being impacted by the coronavirus pandemic:

  • Organizations using E-Verify must still create cases for their new hires within three business days of the date of hire. If E-Verify case creation is delayed because of COVID-19 precautions, employers are instructed to enter "COVID-19" as the reason for the delay after selecting "other" in the dropdown menu.
  • The timeframe to resolve TNCs from the Social Security Administration will be extended due to that agency's office closures. The timeframe to resolve TNCs from the DHS will be extended in limited circumstances if due to office closures.

Employers are required to notify workers about their TNC result as soon as possible. Under normal circumstances, employees have eight federal working days to contact the relevant agency in response to a TNC. No new timeframe has been provided.

DHS cautioned employers that no adverse action can be taken against an employee during the time his or her case is in pending status, including during the newly announced extended pending status.

The E-Verify service center is still available to assist with cases and technical support, and employers are still able to access their accounts. Organizations can:

  • Enroll in E-Verify.
  • Create E-Verify cases.
  • Add, delete or edit any user account.
  • Reset passwords.
  • Edit company information.
  • Terminate accounts.
  • Run reports or view any information about an account or case.



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