Workers in Jobs Hit Hard by Pandemic May Have Skills You're Looking For

Kathy Gurchiek By Kathy Gurchiek August 26, 2020
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​HR professionals and hiring managers looking to fill positions at their organizations may want to take a second look at people who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. These individuals might not have the exact experience you are looking for, but their skills might be a match, according to new data from Zety, a career advice website.

You might find an operations manager in someone who had worked in a dental office, for example.

Two professions—administrative assistant and customer service specialist—stood out as the most common career alternatives for those whose professions are experiencing the most job loss.

"In other words, no matter if you're a performing artist, a line cook, a flight attendant, or anyone else who's just lost a job due to COVID-19, you're likely to find new employment in an administrative or customer service role," wrote Michael Tomaszewski, certified professional resume writer for Zety. One reason for that, he noted, was that those two jobs involve soft skills—communication, time management and organization—that are transferable from one sector to another.

The following data is from an analysis of 133,289 downloaded resumes created between 2017 and 2019 with Zety's resume builder. Samples were limited to one document per user.

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Users' age and gender were not disclosed in the resumes, and data regarding professions was derived from the job title or a synonym of that title—such as "sales associate" or "sales assistant" for the retail profession—in the resume. To be included in the "retail" category, for example, the resume had to contain a job title or phrase such as "retail," "sales assistant," "sales associate."

Careers to Consider if You Lost Your Job in the Pandemic

Retail employees

• Retail employees: intern, junior management, accountant, tutor, delivery driver

Dental office employees

• Dental office employees: operations manager, surgical assistant, project manager, research assistant, nurse

Film and TV production employees

• Film and TV production employees: graphic designer, photographer, marketing specialist, account executive, writer

Food service employees

• Food service employees: junior manager, English teacher, nanny/babysitter, driver, secretary

Actors and performance artists

• Actors and performance artists: teacher or teaching assistant, sales representative, business owner, software engineer, brand

Cooks and chefs

• Cooks and chefs: delivery driver, housekeeper, security officer, warehouse associate, caregiver

Hospitality workers and front-desk staff

• Hospitality workers and front-desk staff: sales representative, executive/personal assistant, English teacher, nanny/babysitte

Flight attendants

• Flight attendants: intern, executive assistant, travel agent, safety coordinator, event manager

Real estate and property management employees

• Real estate and property management employees: project manager, sales manager, operations manager, business owner, executive a

Source: Zety.


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