In Focus: And Crystal Can Read Your Mind

By SHRM Online staff September 4, 2015

Well, not really. Crystal is a tech startupthat scrapes the web for a person’s online information to analyze his or her personality. Its purpose is to help people interact more effectively with one another. Along with many other new technologies, there’s also the potential for recruiters to determine the personalities of job candidates. But should they?

(CNN Money)

Crystal’s Not Alone

Facebook is doing almost the same thing. The social networking giant uses recruiting software from Entelo, which analyzes “social signals and predictive analytics,” to help companies find talent. In 2016, eHarmony hopes to begin doing the same thing—analyzing personalities to determine work compatibility.

(SHRM Online)

But Is It Illegal?

People often overstate the extent to which the law needs to change to deal with new technologies, experts say. And the legal system is forever changing, as are the advances in online content delivery. The law does need to continue to adapt to the market, especially in areas such as data privacy and cybersecurity, which are both increasingly important to senior executives.

(The Guardian)

Too Much Information?

Using social media platforms to conduct background searches on candidates, while not illegal, can give rise to complications, experts say. However, 65 percent of companies surveyed by SHRM recently say they’ve discovered new hires through social media within the past year.

(SHRM India) and (SHRM Research)

Judge Not?

Is judgement by appearance rife in social recruitment? Some argue it is, as you can see in this blog by social media recruitment specialist Katrina Collier.

(Winning Impression)



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