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Active Shooter Preparedness and Response


The most effective workplace violence prevention plan is one that is put in place long before trouble occurs. Employees need to understand what to do in an emergency and what the company's response will be.

Understanding Workplace Violence Prevention and Response
SHRM Toolkit

Workplace Violence
SHRM Resource Page


Active Shooter Preparedness for HR (online training; materials; and more)
U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Workplace Violence: Be Prepared with Active Shooter Training
AmTrust Financial

Active Shooter Training
California State University Police Department

Why Active Shooter and Workplace Violence Training is Critical
Clear Law Institute | Feb 2022

How to prevent, prepare for and respond to active threat incidents in the workplace
Security Info Watch | Apr 2022

Active shooter preparedness is critical for employee safety
Security Magazine | Jan 2022

What to do During an Active Shooter Attack


Active Shooter: What You Can Do
Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency

What to do in an active shooter situation
Penn Live

Active Shooter - How to Respond
Department of Homeland Security

Attacks in Crowded and Public Spaces

Workplace Violence
North Carolina Department of Public Safety

Active Shooter/ Workplace Violence
University of Miami


Surviving an Active Shooter Event - Civilian Response to Active Shooter
ALERRT Research

RUN. HIDE. FIGHT.® Surviving an Active Shooter Event
City of Houston

Active Shooter Emergency Action Plan
Options for Consideration Active Shooter Training Video
Department of Homeland Security

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