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Tips for Spotting a Fake Vaccine Card


​As more businesses are requiring their employees to be vaccinated in order to return to the workplace, they continue to face vaccine card fraud by workers.

"Similar to fake IDs used by underage students to obtain alcohol, the Internet seems to have spawned a cottage industry marketing bogus cards," said Kevin Troutman, an attorney with Fisher Phillips in Houston. Fake vaccination documents can be purchased through a variety of social media sites and other Internet platforms, he said.

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How Can Employers Recognize Fake Vaccine Cards?
SHRM | Jul 2022

As a vulnerable industry already inundated with sick patients, the healthcare community is not immune from the scammers; therefore, companies should be vigilant and thorough in verifying employee, patient, and/or visitor vaccine status.
The increase of fake vaccination cards and what it means for healthcare employers
Fisher Phillips via Houston Medical Journal | Jan 2022

As vaccine mandates increase, employers may face yet another headache in the continuing stream of pandemic-related concerns: employees presenting fake cards when asked to establish proof of vaccination. What can you do if you believe an employee has presented a fake vaccine card? And can your company be liable for relying on such falsified records?
Fake Vaccine Cards May Become Employers’ Next New Headache: 5 Steps to Protect Your Company
Fisher Phillips | Oct 2021

Tie the use of fake vaccination cards to your employment disciplinary process. This might include reviewing your employee handbook to the extent you have provisions that prohibit your employees from engaging in fraud, lying, or other similar conduct at work, and reminding employees of the disciplinary measures that may be taken in the event they violate these policies.  You may also want to revisit your mandatory vaccination policy to determine whether the addition of a caveat regarding the use of fake vaccination cards is warranted.
Dealing With the Rise of Fake Vaccination Cards
Ulmer | Nov 2021

Employers disciplining employees who lie about getting COVID-19 vaccinations should do so consistently and thoughtfully to avoid liability. But don't let misrepresentations go unaddressed. 
Disciplining Workers for Lies About Vaccinations
SHRM | May 2021

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OSHA ETS FAQ Addresses Fake Vaccination Cards

While employers may not invite or facilitate fraud, the ETS does not require employers to monitor for or detect fraud. By defining what constitutes acceptable proof of vaccination under the ETS, OSHA is ensuring that employers can accept proof meeting the requirements for purposes of compliance with the standard. However, the standard’s requirements for proof of vaccination are integral to ensuring that employees are protected appropriately, either through vaccination (the preferred and most effective workplace control in this ETS), or through regular testing and use of face coverings. Therefore, it is paramount that employees provide truthful information regarding their vaccination status.

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4.H. Do I have any responsibility or associate liability if an employee is fraudulent in representing their vaccine status?

Tips for Spotting a Fake Vaccine Card

5 ways to spot fake COVID vaccination cards
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Seized counterfeit COVID vaccine cards have two tell-tale signs, CBP says
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Reporting Fake Cards to …

the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center
the HHS's Office of Inspector General
the DOJ's National Center for Disaster Fraud

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