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Addressing Personal Hygiene, Body Odor


A colleague needs a shower. A co-worker should wear socks. A manager is asking if someone on your HR team might have a word with a particularly smelly associate. As summer nears, how to address the issue of body odor is a real concern in the workplace.

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How to Talk with a Worker About Body Odor

Attire and Grooming
SHRM Sample Policy

I am looking to see how others handle complaints to supervisors by co-workers for personal odors.
SHRM Connect Discussion | Jun 2019

Job Accommodation Network Resources

Effective Accommodation Practices Series: Dealing With Hygiene Problems in the Workplace

Accommodation Ideas: Body Odor

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How should we address complaints about an employee's body odor?

What should HR do when an employee's body odor is affecting the workplace?

Dress code policy: 8 tips to address workplace grooming

Personal hygiene in the workplace
HR Simple


HR Rescue: Talking to Employees About Personal Hygiene and Body Odor
HR Shield (4 minutes)

How Do You Tell An Employee They Smell?
LEADx (2 minutes)

Confronting Body Odor Issues
Front Line Leadership (4 minutes)

Personal Hygiene in the Workplace
National Resource Safety Center (7 minutes)

How to Tell Someone They Smell - Follow Our Easy Script
Candid Culture (3 minutes)

Additional Sample Policies

Dress Code & Personal Hygiene Policy
Days Hospitality Group

Dress Code/Personal Hygiene
Ashford and St. Peter's Hospitals

Standards of Dress and Grooming
County of San Bernardino

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