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Profanity in the Workplace

Foul language comes in many degrees of impropriety. Distinguishing between what's edgy versus what's over-the-top and clearly unacceptable can be difficult.

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Eliminating Foul Language at Work: As Easy as 1, 2, 3
SHRM | May 2018

When a Foul Mouth Might Get You Fired—And When It Might Not
SHRM | Aug 2017

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Considering a Policy?

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Lorman | May 2018

Policies on Profanity in the Workplace
The Nest

Policies that Address Profanity

Respectful Workplace Notice
University of Oregon

Employee Conduct and Disciplinary Action
Western Michigan University

Respectful Workplace Policy
Veresen, Inc.

Disruptive Behavior Procedure
Stony Brook University

Tips for Taming the Tongue


How to Stop Swearing

How to Stop Swearing!
Early to Rise

How to Stop Cursing


10 Tips for Taming Your Tongue
Cuss Control Academy

Cursing at Work: Replacing Profanity with Professionalism
Diane Gottsman

Eight points of awareness to check before loosening your profanity filter
Financial Post

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