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Considering a Four-Day Workweek

A disruptive work model is making major inroads in businesses around the globe. Companies in Japan, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the U.S. and other countries have adopted the four-day workweek. Many employers and employees have welcomed the change. The reported benefits include increased productivity, better work/life balance and improved mental health.

To be sure, the transition to four-day workweeks is challenging, and it might not be right for all employers. But in a labor market where open positions still outnumber available workers, the four-day workweek could give companies an advantage in hiring because employees get the flexibility they want.

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Pilot Program Results Are In

The results are in: It's time for your company to stop working on Fridays (or Mondays). The latest, perhaps most convincing evidence yet for the shift to a four-day workweek comes from a six-month trial which began in February 2022 in which 33 companies with employees in six countries decreased their employees' workload to four days, or 32 hours, a week. Organized by 4 Day Week Global, the real-world experiment sought to see whether the employees could be just as productive in 80% of the time — all for the same pay.
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