Weather Conditions: Inclement Weather Policy

Sep 16, 2014

Practice Notes: Employers will want to check state reporting pay laws to ensure that employees who show up to work and are sent home due to inclement weather are paid any required wages. See Reporting Pay.

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[Enter company name] will make every effort to maintain normal work hours even during inclement weather.


a. Prior to normal starting time when it is announced that federal government offices will be closed due to inclement weather, the {enter company name} office will be closed. All full-time employees will be paid for such time off. Part-time employees will only be paid if normally scheduled to work that day and only for those hours which the employee would normally work.

b. When the federal government announces that a liberal leave policy is in effect, the {enter company name} office will be open and all employees will be expected to make reasonable efforts to get to work. Employees unable to arrive for work on any such day will be charged one (1) day of vacation. If no vacation time is available, the nonexempt employee will not be paid for the day. All employees who are unable to report to work should call their department supervisor and report their absence 90 minutes prior to the start of their work day, if they are able to reach a phone, or it may be considered an unexcused absence.

c. Time absent from work under either "a" or "b" above shall not be counted as hours worked when computing weekly overtime.

d. If inclement weather occurs on a federal holiday not generally observed by {enter company name}, and {enter company name} employees are therefore at work, {enter company name} will make its own decision concerning early closing on that day.

e. On days when weather conditions worsen as the day progresses, {enter company name} may decide to close early. In such cases, a decision and an announcement will be made at {enter company name}. Employees will be expected to remain at work until the appointed closing time, unless their flextime day ends prior to that time, or unless they receive permission from their department head to do otherwise.

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