How to Keep Talent and Build a Magnetic Culture

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Employee turnover can be as high as 50% in the first 18 months on the job; and bad onboarding is the culprit. Not only is high turnover a pain, but it’s pricey. Finding a replacement employee can cost as much as half of that employee’s annual salary.

To solve the turnover problem, you have to know why people are leaving. It’s simple; people leave their jobs and go back to hunting because the new job didn’t meet their expectations early on.

We’ve got an Ebook that will teach you how to drop your turnover rates so you can lower your payroll expenses and keep your hard-won talent.

Plus here are a few other gems we cover in the Ebook:

  • How to nail the first day with your new hire
  • How to empower your new hire to succeed as quickly as possible
  • How to get your new hire to work for the company’s goals, not just the paycheck
  • Eddy’s thorough onboarding checklist

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