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September 16, 2020

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Since COVID-19 struck the world, most businesses shifted to a remote work policy to keep their employees safe while maintaining business operations. Some fared better than others as they adopted innovative approaches to keep their teams connected and engaged without micro-managing them and they managed to create a healthy culture of engagement for their remote teams.

In collaboration with its Web Panel partner TASC, SHRM invites you to this informational and insightful session to hear from top industry leaders on:

  • What are the key elements and tools (communication, technology, processes, workflows...etc.) that will help you in nurturing a culture of engagement in your remote team
  • How to manage the daily workflow and communicate effectively with your team without micro-managing
  • How to support your team in separating between their home office and their home environment and distractions that might hinder productivity
  • How to respect your remote team’s time and create a separation between their personal time and work time while maintaining flexibility to cater for business requirements

August 17, 2020

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Amid these difficult and turbulent times, the future of organizations lies with resilient and agile teams. One team at the forefront of these challenging times are the HR departments, helping their workforce adjust to the new normal, ensuring their wellness and well- being, meeting compliance with the different guidelines and protocols set by governments across the region, and most importantly instilling agility across the organization as they move through the next stages of recovery. So, as we collectively figure out how to move forward, SHRM and its WebPanel partner Oracle are inviting you to join our one hour long session where you can hear from some of your peers from various industries across the MENA region share:·

  • How their businesses may have used effective alternative or innovative methods to build upon these protocols and guidelines.
  •  How leveraging technology in these uncharted times have helped better support, manage and lead their workforce.
  • How all the talk about the future of work is finally here.

July 22, 2020

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With a lack of a blueprint on how to navigate the situation, this pandemic has left everyone scrambled; even the ones who felt they were the most prepared. As we deal with day to day adjustments and changes in compliance have we stopped and looked for a moment at the bigger picture? How has COVID-19 impacted our Talent Management strategy?
Join SHRM and SAP as we discuss with our esteemed regional HR Leaders their perspectives and take on how this pandemic has altered their views and approach on:

  • Talent Acquisition: or is it Talent Mapping? Where are we turning to for talent?
  • Talent Development: Do our people need to acquire new skills and mindsets so they can navigate the constantly and abruptly changing environment?
  • Talent Allocation: Has changes in workload due to this pandemic created an imbalance in resource allocation? Are we leveraging appropriately our workforce?
  • Talent and Tech: How do we move beyond digitizing the relationship between an organization and its customer to digitizing the relationship between the organization and its people.

July 1, 2020

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Symphony SummitAI

Employee health tensions and back to work issues are skyrocketing globally. The number of employees worried for returning to work have increased tremendously in the last few days, as the lockdown has ended globally with COVID-19 cases rising, by the day. As employees prepare to return to a new normal amid the pandemic, it poses a considerable responsibility on HR as they must facilitate a safer environment while ensuring business continuity and growth. The organizations need to plan for new processes and interventions that can help mitigate health risks to employees.

  • How the return to the workplace is not a mere flip of a switch, rather it needs to be considered as a re-boarding of the entire workforce. How are organizations preparing for this re-boarding?
  • What role does technology play as a catalyst to ensure workplaces remain safe when employees return to work?
  • Can Business Leaders count on HR to demonstrate speed, expertise, creativity and above all agility for reshaping and reviving workplaces?
  • How can HR leverage technology to make its job easier?
  • What have HR professionals learned through these last few months and how are they ensuring recovery and adjustability within workplaces?

June 17, 2020

The employee experience has been taking the center stage in HR discussions for the past few years. When COVID-19 disrupted the business as we know it, companies that once aspired to increase productivity were struggling to merely maintain it, moreover, employees are now concerned about their return to their workplace and their well-being, which was something that they initially took for granted. The health and safety regulations imposed by governments globally added another layer of complexity to the employee experience formula. Our upcoming discussion with our esteemed speakers will include how more than ever, EX is paramount in:

  • Maintaining people's commitment to the organization,
  • Addressing employees' concerns on safety and work environment,
  • Leveraging organizational performance to its maximum potential,
  • Driving the sustainability of the business and its ongoing success during these critical times and
  • Fostering and restoring customer loyalty and the employer brand.

May 13, 2020

The COVID-19 crisis has pushed workplaces and workforce globally to face challenging and unprecedented situations. The disruptions caused in the normal work routine has forced leadership, and HR, to examine implications on business and employees as they start returning to normal work again. In this session, we will look at some of the regional practices with our experts on how employers are

  • Planning the next round of business and preparing for the new “normal” future of work,
  • Putting measures in place to ensure employees’ health, safety and emotional wellbeing as they return to their workplaces


Dr. Heba Makram, Transformation Lead - HR at Emirates Group (Aviation & Airline)

Shalini Vohra,
Head of HR at Home Center (Landmark Group)

Dr. Thoraiya Kanafani,
Clinical Psychologist


Dipti Rane,
Associate Director - 
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April 29, 2020

While organizations around the world rush to support the healthcare industry, the calls for help various governments have placed and the communities at large, we see more and more a surge in re-allocation of staff to cater to these urgent and critical priorities. Amazon re-shuffling its workforce and supply chain, major retailers in the GCC moving staff from business units to others in order to support their food retail, and many more similar cases..

For this week’s discussion with our HR Leaders, we look at how HR plays an important and critical role in designing and implementing these temporary workforce changes in order to sustain business continuity and civic duties.


Rohit Manucha,
Head of HR at Aujan Coca-Cola Beverages Company

Dr. Amit Singh,
Head of Corporate HR - Talent, Leadership and Rewards at Aster DM Healthcare

Elie Moussallem,
Head of Talent Acquisition at Byblos Bank Group


Yamen Zein,
Associate Director - Educational Programs at SHRM MEA

April 15, 2020

With more people working from home than ever before, it can be a challenge to keep your people engaged through distance learning and knowledge exchange. Are organizations & HR using this time to continue developing their talent using digital platforms?

Hear from our regional HR Leaders on how they view the importance of learning initiatives during these uncertain times and how virtual learning is an essential part of it.


Anson Jerrin Mathews,
Goup OD Manager at Averda (Waste Management)

Vlasis Vlastos,
Head of Learning at Dubai Airport

Dr. Tanaya Mishra,
Global CHRO, Essar Projects Dubai


Gaelle Lahad,
Associate Director - 
Partnerships at

April 8, 2020

With the disruption enforced by the global COVID-19 situation, it has forced on us a new normal: Work from Home. In our chat this week with various regional HR leaders, they will shed light on how their organizations are:

  • Managing their remote teams effectively
  • Ensuring that their organizations' leadership demonstrate resilience
  • Encouraging their managers to demonstrate empathy, trust and compassion while ensuring productivity levels do not drop
  • Boosting engagement levels and utilizing technology to maintain communication organization-wide


Kunal Wadhwani,
Group Head of HR at Choithrams (Food Retail)

Priya Ranjan,
Group Human Resources Director at IFFCO Group (F&B)

Amal Haliq,
CHRO at Meraas


Vivek Arora,
Executive Director at SHRM MEA


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