The Business Case for Dynamic Skills


The way forward to ensuring a sustainable and relevant organization in a post-pandemic world lies in a dynamic skills approach to organizational and employee development.

The coronavirus pandemic taught us that businesses need to be more agile and resilient than ever. Having a digital savvy workforce is critical and organizational leadership teams must empower their employees to develop those critical digital skills that are required for the future sustainability of work.

Moreover, the nature of work has drastically changed it is imperative to adopt a continuous learning approach at the strategic level and integrate technologies that enable business growth at an accelerated pace to remain relevant in ever changing and crowded marketplace.

Below are some of the key insights from the report:
  • The new way of work requires high levels of adaptation concerning new relevant working models, digitization and automation, competition for a global talent, and training and upskilling.
  • Constellation has identified nine skills that both employers and employees need to develop in the areas of technology, business acumen, communication, data literacy, creativity and innovation, teamwork, critical thinking, problem solving, and career management.
  • The increased rate of change is making the lifecycle of skills and knowledge acquired shorter than ever. Therefore, a more dynamic skills approach must be adopted to keep up and remain relevant, and technology can be a great enabler of such efforts.
  • The benefits of a dynamic skills approach have a direct impact on the employee experience, satisfaction, and retention, as well as the productivity and the competitive advantage of the business.
  • Organizations must adopt a new perspective when looking at the skill development of their workforce, and the solution lies within the adoption of a continuous organizational learning approach.
What is included in the report?
Insights about the post-pandemic world of work including:
  • New agility and resilience requirements.
  • Nine must-have types of skills that empower digital proficiency.
  • Future-proofing the workforce through a dynamic skills approach.
  • Exploring the benefits of a dynamic skills approach.
  • The importance of building a continuous learning culture.
  • Looking at current practices from a different perspective
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