Quotable: A Preview of Monday’s SHRM 2019 Annual Conference and Exposition Speakers



ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Concurrent and mega sessions at SHRM's 2019 Annual Conference & Exposition fall into nine tracks that delve into today's workplace issues. We asked speakers to share a highlight from their upcoming sessions.

Speaking on Monday, June 24, 2019

"If something expensive isn't valued, it can be disregarded. HR must compete with consumer marketing for an employee's attention.  Most HR departments fail at a key function – communicating the value of an employee's total compensation.  If something isn't valued properly, it has no value and is not an engagement or retention tool." – Karl Ahlrichs, consultant, Gregory & Appel, who is speaking on "What Next? Communicating Complex HR Subjects to Employees with Short Attention Spans"

"If handled correctly, not only does conflict not have to be destructive … it can actually be constructive. By employing great communication skills with an effective conflict resolution strategy, you can lead your team to better performance and produce maximum results." – Randy Anderson, productivity improvement specialist, E3 Professional Trainers, "20 Strategies for Resolving Conflict Quickly and Effectively"

"In the era of hyper-collaboration, agile is an important work process taking hold across organizations, and HR has a critical role in leading and shaping a positive, holistic work experience in support of agile business outcomes." – Laurent Bernard, VP, global talent management, and Tracy Brower, principal, Applied Research + Consulting, Steelcase, "Making Work Agile: HR's Role in Empowering Agile Success"

"With so much going on at the DOL on the regulatory front, it's critical for employers to make sure that their payroll policies and practices, as well as their time and attendances policies and practices,  are getting the attention they need. A good audit can greatly reduce liability.  In other words, 'An ounce of prevention is worth many, many pounds of litigation exposure.'" – Robert Boonin, member, Dykema, "Wage and Hour Compliance: A DOL Update and Ways to Avoid Overtime Liability Landmines"

"Having the courage to step up and share a tough message in a way that maximizes candor and minimizes defensiveness is necessary to foster healthy dialogue and build strong relationships. Discover how to say the right thing, to the right person, at the right time, for the right reason and in the right way." – Tracy Butz, CSP, Owner, Think Impact Solutions, MEGA SESSION: "Candid Conversations that Drives Results"

"A strong organizational culture can clearly differentiate a business from its competitors. Companies that align culture with business have 58% more growth and 72% more profitability. Firsthand experience has taught me how culture and business strategy go hand in hand, and I look forward to sharing how culture is a key enabler of the business." – Amy Cappellanti-Wolf, chief human resources officer, Symantec, "Developing A High-Performance Culture That Enables Your Company To Grow and Thrive"

"You change the present whenever you think about the future: understand trends and be prepared for the years to come." – Alfredo Castro, president MOT Training and Development, "World Café: Global HR Trends"

"Loneliness is deadly for us and for business success. For companies intent on leveraging their full array of talent, curing workplace loneliness through an organizational culture of connection is a strategic priority." – Stuart Chittenden, founder and principal, Squishtalks, "Workplace Loneliness is Killing Us"

"We keep hearing that artificial intelligence will hinder the ability for employers to be more diverse and inclusive. The truth is that AI can make work more human, not less if we approach it the right way." – Ben Eubanks, principal analyst, Lighthouse Research, "The Critical Skills an HR Leader Needs in the Artificial Intelligence Era"

"Life's experiences will either make you bitter or better, stronger or weaker." – Steve Gilliland, speaker and author, Steve Gilliland, Inc., "Hide Your Goat™: Strategies to Stay Positive When Negativity Surrounds You"

"Show appreciation for your team today. Validate their contributions and consistent work with a genuine word of praise. Your bottom line will thank you. #appreciation #thankyou #rewardsandrecognition #employeeengagement" – Caron Greaves, managing director, Choice HR Limited, "Employee Engagement — The Art of Valuing Employees"

"Being strategic from a compliance standpoint means looking at and understanding the big picture of organizational risk. It's important for HR Departments of One (DOOs) to know their organization's risk tolerance and to assess federal and state (and some smaller municipalities) compliance requirements. Conducting regular internal audits can help assess risk, correct errors and ensure compliance. DOOs should also think about training managers on compliance issues, too. Compliance isn't solely HR's responsibility. We're all in this together." – Amanda Haddaway, Managing Director, HR Answerbox, "The Strategic HR Department of One: Act Like a CHRO to Improve Your Organization"

"Collaboration, communication, conflict management and emotional intelligence are keys to a bully-proof culture. In work cultures lacking these skills, conflict escalates and fear spreads, creating paralysis and dysfunction across the organization." – Shawn Hayashi, CEO and founder, executive coach and high-performance teams consultant, The Professional Development Group, "How to Create a Bully-Proof Organization"

"Learn research-based methods to detect deception in investigations and job interviews." – Michael Johnson, CEO, Clear Law Institute, LLC, "Detecting Lies and Deception: Practical Skills for HR Professionals"

 "The June 2016 EEOC Task Force Report on Sexual Harassment Prevention Training suggested that the most common form of training — delivered online, with a focus on liability and risk management — does very little to prevent gender-based abusive conduct. This session will provide practical guidance on crafting a dynamic prevention and response training curriculum that meaningfully challenges business-as-usual workplace stereotypes of gender and power." – Glenn Kraemer, co-managing partner, Hirschfeld Kraemer LLP, "Shaping Hearts, Minds and Corporate Cultures: Effective Prevention Training in the #MeToo Era"

"If you sponsor a benefits plan, it is most likely governed by both the ACA and ERISA. Failing to do it right can lead to very expensive penalties." – Gary Kushner, president and CEO of Kushner & Company, "ACA and ERISA Compliance: 11 Steps to Avoid (or Survive) a DOL Audit"

"HR teams all have an immense amount of data that, when organized, used and presented strategically, can show the direct impact HR is having on the company bottom line. Speaking in the language of the C-level, in the form of metrics and charts, will give HR the edge it needs to secure support for new initiatives, as well as show how its efforts are contributing to the firm's success." – David Lewis, president and CEO, OperationsInc, "Translating HR to Net Profit - Showing the C-Suite the Real Bottom Line Impact of HR at Your Firm"

"It is said that opportunity does not knock twice. Let's prove it wrong by providing a second chance to the marginalized section of the society." –Ranjan Mahpatra, CHRO, Indian Oil Corporation, "Transforming Lives – Second Chance for Women: An Indian Oil Case Study"

"With the advent of high deductible health plans, the role of health savings accounts to help plan, prepare for and ultimately fund health expenses has become critical for employers and employees. Every day we find out new features hidden in these accounts that can be used to the best advantage of participants." – Robert Massa, managing director, Qualified Plan Advisors, LLC, "How Can HSAs Boost Retirement Plans"

"Discover new ways of thinking and ideas that have been implemented in a variety of organizations that are helping companies to achieve a competitive advantage by changing the way that they approach people and talent." – Jennifer McClure, CEO, Unbridled Talent, LLC & DisruptHR LLC, "Disrupt HR! It's Time To DisruptHR And Approach It In A Whole New Way"

"Organizations' key performance indicators are always in measurable terms. When it comes to most employees' performance, KPIs are either not measurable or measure activities rather than outcomes and results. Understand the mechanism of aligning employees' KPIs with organizations' KPIs." – Zahid Mubarik, CEO, HR Metrics, "Result-Based KPIs: Demonstrating Your Impact to Bottom-Line Results"

"Anything is possible when people are inspired, and there is a direct connection between an inspired culture and business success. Culture unites not just recruitment, retention and employee engagement, but also customer satisfaction, innovation and overall performance." – Christopher Mullen, director, Strategy Advisory, Kronos Incorporated, "Work Inspired: How to Build an Organization Where Everyone Loves to Work"

"Compassion is the best business strategy and practice in traumatic situations, which in turn unleashes the ultimate performance, production and profits for the organization" – Lisa Murfield, human resources manager, Hill Ward Henderson, "Employee Trauma:  What Happened in Vegas Didn't Stay in Vegas"

"It's time for a new perspective.  Leading is about influence, not position. This is a call to action for all HR professionals to rise up to the influence challenge by positively impacting others inside and outside of their organizations." – Kimberly Nash, owner, THriv, "Things Would Be Different If I Were in Charge:  Learning to Lead at any Level."

"Strategic foresight is quickly becoming a necessary skill for the 21st century. Creating an organization of future thinkers is not magic. It can be done through a structured organizational strategy and culture change process." – Richard Ramsey, vice president, HR, Walt Disney International, "It's Not Magic: You Too Can Create a Culture of Futures Thinkers"

"In the world of learning, a growth mindset is a belief that human abilities are not fixed, but instead are developable over time. Research in social psychology has shown that this mindset can make people more likely to improve after setbacks and view change as an exciting challenge, rather than a demotivating threat. On the organizational level, this can translate to greater employee engagement, better teamwork and the ability to adapt in the face of uncertainty."

David Rock, co-founder and CEO, NeuroLeadership Institute, "Become a Growth Mindset Organization"

"It's not just the peak performer who gets attention, it's also the one who has the courage and confidence to effectively and strategically communicate their value." – S. Renee Smith, "Defining and Communicating Your Personal Brand to Increase Your Visibility, Credibility and Career Opportunities"

"A growing trend in performance is companies moving to more frequent performance conversations rather than the standard annual one-time-per-year conversation. Some companies have even adopted ratingless performance review processes." – Jeremy Spake, principal consultant, Cornerstone OnDemand, "Emerging Trends in Performance Management and Compensation"

"Strategic foresight should be viewed as the operating system of the 21st century organization, running in the background of leadership development, strategic decision making and innovation efforts.  Disney is proof positive that creating a culture of future thinking results in game-changing innovation, revenue-generating futures intelligence and a transformative organizational culture that is equipped to harness the company's rapidly changing environment." – Frank Spencer, founder and creative director, Kedge, LLC, "It's Not Magic: You Too Can Create a Culture of Futures Thinkers"

"Technology can be overwhelming for an overburdened HR department (especially a Department of One.) But helping your department and company grow and thrive is possible by leveraging technology, even if you have a small or non-existent team." – Tracie Sponenberg, senior vice president, human resources, The Granite Group, "How to Transform Your HR Department Through Technology, Even If Your HR Department is Just You!"

"Do I say gay or homosexual? What does transgender mean? How do I handle the bathroom issue at work? Navigating the legal and practical landscapes for LGBTQ+ inclusion can be tricky for many employers."— Tara Taylor, education and outreach director, Maryland Commission on Civil Rights, "LGBTQ+ Knowledge for the HR Professional: Awareness, Etiquette & Best Practices"

"Myth: Change is hard. Reality: Change is only hard for the unready." – Cy Wakeman, president, Cy Wakeman, Inc., "Business Readiness: "Ensuring Our Teams Are Ready for What's Next"

"As the administration promised, 2018 was a record year for ICE enforcement actions, which increased by roughly 400% over 2017. This session covers trends in immigration enforcement, the cost of immigration violations and the common mistakes employers make, putting their companies at risk." – Becki Young, founding partner, Hammond Young Immigration Law, "I-9 and E-Verification Compliance: What is new and how can you protect your business"

For additional information, visit http://annual.shrm.org.

Media: For more information or to request an interview at the 2019 SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition, contact Kate Kennedy of SHRM Media Affairs at 703-535-6260 and Kate.kennedy@shrm.org, Vanessa Hill at 703-535-6072 and Vanessa.Hill@shrm.org, or Cooper Nye at 703-535-6447 and Cooper.Nye@shrm.org.

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