2009 Thought Leaders Retreat
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2009 Thought Leaders Retreat


New Insights Gained

Following is a summary of participant responses to the survey question: What was the most valuable insight or new idea you gained from the event?

1. The idea that the best and brightest are looking for autonomy, flexibility and purpose, and so many well-intentioned organizations and HR professionals seem to wring that out rather than put it in!   

2. Louis von Ahn's presentation was very thought-provoking 

3. Key Drivers for knowledge workers: autonomy; mastery; purpose. 

4. Needs similarities between Gen Y and Baby Boomers
• Measuring Values and holding managers accountable for employee retention (WD40 presentation)
• Harnessing the horsepower of creativity in the workforce (Luis Van Ahn presentation) 

5. That our concept of an employee is changing as we speak. The relationship with those that do the work and the enterprise is evolving quickly and will soon be dramatically different than we could have begun to imagine just a few short years ago.  

6. The shifts in the global world economy and how the West is no longer the lead in world power. The implications of this related to talent, international influence, careers etc is huge. How we as HR leaders have to think in the future and the kind of importance of being globally savvy is significant.
7. The information from CMU  

8. The concept of focusing regularly on what alarm bells are going off - in my personal life and in my organization and keeping a list of them. 

9. Between the talent pool concept and the concept of what Gen Y expects in the workplace and in the job from one who is actually there ~ both fascinating concepts! 

10. It's not so much an insight or new idea, but the information and research is extremely valuable in helping me to facilitate strategic planning for clients. 

11. Actually there were many across the broad spectrum of presentations (Social Media, Macroeconomic, Dr. Cappelli’s, etc.) 

12. Garry Ridge's presentation and his personal commitment to people was tops.

13. That there are ways to find economic value from useless internet actions (CAPTCHA and RECAPTCHA) 

14. Gen Y and new technology 

15. Peter Cappelli's comments about how the assumptions we base our models on have changed. 

16. Current thinking on talent development; the use of supply chain methods in thinking about talent development; insight into how non HR people are thinking about these topics 

17. the impact of technology on the workplace of the future 

18. Leadership POV
• Shift from forecast to simulation
• co-working as a new concept
• holding line managers accountable for HR tasks
• All the synergies between Gen Y and Boomers 

19. The confirmation that uncertainty is the new norm and that planning and forecasting becoming more challenging and, as a result, we need to be developing the agile/adaptable workforce. 

20. Eamonn Kelly's vision of the future and where HR should be to support future changes in business 

21. None really. 

22. The impact of social networking on the HR community. 

23. Perspective from varied points of view, i.e. WD-40 vs Simmons. 

24. Luis von Ahn's notion that Google had so many rules. I had always thought of Google as a company that gave so much freedom to their team. If Google has a lot of rules, we have so much work to do at our organization! 

25. I thought Luis von Ahn's session was fabulous. 

26. How a very complex problem, can be turned into a very simple solution, with some clever thought (von Ahn's activities) 

27. Perspective provided by Eamonn Kelly 

28. I work in the telecommunications industry, so Luis von Ahn's presentation was fascinating to me.

29. Luis inspired me to regain a paradigm that will encourage me to look for the "good" that can be derived from doing something that might, on the surface, seem mundane. 

30. The Talent Management different perspectives. 

31. I don't think I could pick just one. Maybe one from each presenter: Garry Ridge - What alarms am I ignoring? Peter Cappelli - What are we doing to retain people who have just got up to speed at their job and are therefore most vulnerable to leave? Dick Beatty - Where are we on the growth/strategy matrix? Eamonn Kelly - What will a thrift mindset do to a loan-driven business like ours? New World of Work/Generational differences - Are they real and do they have any implications for our business, and what are those and how do we respond? Luis von Ahn - are there implications for non-profits in this kind of work? 

32. Employees can be engaged, it is possible. The view of a CEO was excellent. The projections for work in the future, excellent. The questions make you think. 

33. We as management are responsible for our people achieving their dreams. 

34. How current models and practices may be undermined by new economic trends. 

35. Talent on demand 

36. The contrast between HR leaders as strategy implementers vs. Strategy developers. It is an important distinction to make and also crucial to be able to understand that different actions may yield the same outcomes so one is not necessarily bound by the strategy. 

37. Listen to alarm bells - Garry Ridge
Perspective on policy bureaucracy - Gen Y 

38. Our job is to make all our employees ‘A’ players
• Supervisors are coaches
• Leaders listen with the intent of being influenced 

39. New ideas from different speakers, Meeting new people

40. Stay fresh and stay in touch! Although the workplace may be familiar terrain, the workforce who populate it is experiencing constant and subtle change. 

41. The background behind how others see the new world of work and what that means for HR thought leaders. 

42. Need to learn Chinese! ;-)

43. a) Work is being done on the WEB in ways I hadn't even imagined
b) Gen Y’ers are seeking experience(s) not necessarily commitment....now how do we manage to that?
c) It's possible to get EOS ratings at the 95%tile!!! 

44. Use of technology in the new workforce 

45. I enjoyed all the presentations. Luis von Ahn's insights into turning wasted time on the internet into work have given me a number of new ideas. 

46. The value system being driven at companies like WD-40. New way to work and creating an environment that works towards more flexibility and fewer restrictions that inhibit getting things done.

47. In the spirit of being competitive, we (and our companies) have been afraid to buck the trends. I can see now that it's time to be more creative, break the social norms and pay more attention to our talent than ever before or risk losing them. This means providing greater flexibility, more purposeful work, recognition and greater transparency particularly for the Hi-Pos.

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