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Investigating the Healthy Adoption of Mobile Communication Technologies to Manage Work Demands:  Implications for HR and Beyond 

Funded: June 2012     Expected Completion: July 2014

Stacie Furst-Holloway, Ph.D., Suzanne Masterson, Ph.D., Elaine Hollense, Ph.D., and Therese Sprinklea, Ph.D., University of Cincinnati

Mobile communication technologies (MCTs) allow employees to be connected to work anywhere, anytime.  Evidence regarding the impact of MCTs on employee outcomes is mixed, raising questions of whether they are “friend” or “foe.”  This study aims to resolve this paradox by exploring the factors that promote the healthy adoption of MCTs.  Using a mixed methods approach and multi-source data, we explore whether healthy adoption occurs when employees use MCTs to control the work-home boundary and perceptions of organizational membership.  This research should provide empirical support to guide the creation of HR policies and practices that produce more positive employee outcomes.

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