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Creating and Sustaining Virtual Teamwork Effectiveness:  An Examination of Leveraging Polarities

Funded: December 2013     Expected Completion: December 2015- extended to January, 2017

Jean Leslie, Ph.D., and Emily Hoole, Ph.D., Center for Creative Leadership, and John Mathieu, Ph.D., University of Connecticut

This study explores the role of managed polarities in virtual teams’ effectiveness. This research will empirically explore the efficacy of actions designed to leverage the benefits of the upsides of the poles while actively “watching out” for the downsides of focusing on one pole to the neglect of the other. In addition to filling a void in research literature, this study offers practical insights to HR professionals who might be skeptical or perplexed about the effectiveness of their remote workforce. Finally, the results will provide direct insights practitioners can apply to increase virtual team effectiveness in their organizations.

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