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SHRM Foundation Research


Overqualification among Different Demographic Groups: Consequences and Moderators 

Funded: December 2011     Expected Completion: January 2014

Aleksandra Luksyte, Ph.D., and John Cordery, Ph.D., The University of Western Australia

This study examines the proposition that members of underrepresented (e.g., women) and marginalized (e.g., people with disabilities) demographic groups are at increased risk of occupying work roles for which they feel overqualified. We examine whether diversity management within organizations can reduce this risk. Finally, we extend existing theory relating to the impact of perceived overqualification on employees, specifying novel positive (e.g., creative performance) and negative (e.g., work-family conflict) outcomes, as well as several moderators (willingness to be overqualified, core self-evaluation) of those effects. Longitudinal, multi-source field data and structural equation modeling will be used to test the proposed relationships.

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