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High Performance Work Systems in Nonprofit Organizations: Surfacing Better Practices to Improve Nonprofit HRM Capacity 

Funded: June 2012     Expected Completion: June 2014 

Sally Selden, Ph.D., Lynchburg College and Jessica Sowa, Ph.D., University of Colorado, Denver 

This research examines the implementation of high performance work systems (HPWS) in nonprofit human service organizations. This research is important for HRM researchers and practitioners, as nonprofit employment represents a large and underserved portion of the workforce.  Nonprofits often fail to adopt professional HRM that would allow them to fully develop and utilize their human capital and little systematic research has been done on HRM practices in this sector. This research examines nonprofit organizations implementing HPWS, proposing a structured, comparative case study design, including surveys, interviews, and document analyses. A mixed methods approach will be utilized to analyze the data.

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