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Role of Leaders` Global Capital in Advancing Multi-Cultural Team’s Innovation and Effectiveness

Funded: June 2013      Expected Completion: August 2015

Alon Lisak, Ph.D., Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel, Cynthia Lee, Ph.D., Northeastern University, and  Miriam Erez, Ph.D., Technion, Israel

Although much have been written about multicultural teams (MCTs; Stahl, Maznevsk, Voight & Jonsen, 2009), how MCT leaders’ global capital build a shared team identification that leads to team’s potency and team proactivity, and consequently, performance outcomes (team innovation and effectiveness) have not been examined (Lisak & Erez, 2009).  Results from this study in addressing the above question can help design HR programs for training and selecting global leaders. Our study uses a 2-wave lagged survey of global leaders and MCT members.  Our research model will be tested using a mediated moderation model (Edwards & Lambert, 2007).

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