SHRM Foundation Logo Use
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SHRM Foundation Logo Use


The SHRM Foundation is happy to provide state councils and chapters with the SHRM Foundation logo. The use of the logo must adhere to the following guidelines:

1. The chapter or state council must only use the logo for the limited purpose of putting the logo on materials or a website in conjunction with the promotion or occurrence of an event where they are doing fundraising activities for the benefit of the Foundation (and not, for example, just putting it on the front of a chapter webpage in general, permanently).
When hosting a fundraising event, the SHRM Foundation suggests that you use the language, "A fundraising event to benfit the SHRM Foundation" in addition to the logo. 

2. The SHRM Foundation must be registered as a charitable organization in the state where this event would occur. 

3. The chapter or state council must show the Foundation the proposed logo use (e.g., a draft brochure) ahead of time and the Foundation must then approve it in writing or via e-mail.

To officially request use of the SHRM Foundation logo, please email the SHRM Foundation at with your chapter or state council’s full name, a description of how you will use the SHRM Foundatino logo, and a visual draft of the proposed logo use.