Aisha K. Al-Suwaidi

Aisha K. Al-Suwaidi is the CEO, HR Policies Sector for the Federal Authority for Government HR in the UAE. Aisha has 20 years of excelling experience in Public Policies, HR, and Career Development. She has been actively involved in various HR forums, committees, and government initiatives throughout her career, in addition to being associated with numerous international agencies. Over the course of her career, she has developed and implemented various policies and procedures for the Federal Government and successfully led and handled many strategic programs with different national and international stakeholders. She is a member of many highly affiliated national and international organizations such as the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD – UK) and is the Editor and chief for the HR Echo magazine, the first bilingual published magazine in the UAE.

Aisha has served as the Head of Coordination and Follow up Division for the Department of Culture and Information Government of Sharjah, Human Resource Advisor with the British Petroleum Oil Company, Acting Director for TANIMIA – Center for Career Guidance and Planning, Executive Director for the Dubai Women Establishment, and the Executive Director of Human Resources (HR policies sector) for the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources.

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