Terms Of Use For Faculty

By clicking below, I agree to the following statements and to abide by the following terms and conditions of use for SHRM's Resources for HR Educators.

  • I warrant that I am a faculty member (e.g., professor, associate professor, assistant professor, lecturer, adjunct faculty member) at an accredited college or university (hereafter, "university") and shall use SHRM's Resources for HR Educators only when acting as a faculty member in: (a) a university classroom environment, (b) in other study groups in a university setting or (c) preparations for SHRM Regional Case Competitions.

  • I acknowledge that these materials are copyrighted by SHRM and understand that a license is hereby granted by SHRM for their use exclusively by university faculty members when acting in such capacity in university classroom environments, study groups, or in SHRM Regional Case Competition preparations in their own institutions. University classroom environments include physical classrooms in colleges and universities, as well as other types of classrooms used by faculty members located in a university-specific academic environment (e.g. online, virtual or blended university classrooms). Access or use of these materials by individuals who are not currently university faculty members (including but not limited to consultants, trainers in non-university organizations, etc.), or use by faculty members outside of a university classroom environment in their own institution is expressly prohibited.

  • If I wish to distribute hardcopy versions of fthe materials to students, I agree to duplicate only the number of copies needed—one copy of the instructor's documents for my use and one for each student in the class/study group/case competition team.

  • If I wish to include the materials in an online learning content managment system, I agree to provide access only to the students enrolled in my class and remove the materials when the term ends.  I understand that I may again upload and remove the same materials as each subsequent class term begins and ends.

  • I understand that the above license to use these materials does not extend to mass production, including but not limited to making copies of the materials or sharing the materials with an audience beyond what is allowed above, without permission from SHRM.  I also understand that neither I nor my university is permitted to sell these materials outside of my institution.

  • I understand that using these resources for any other purpose or in a manner other than as listed above, whether for financial gain or for free, and regardless of whether such other non-permitted use is made by or for the benefit of me, a university or for a business enterprise independent of a university affiliation, constitutes a violation of these Terms of Use and of SHRM's intellectual property rights.

  • In the event that my use of the materials exceeds this license, in addition to any other remedies SHRM may have at law or in equity, SHRM shall have the right to be paid by me for such use.

  • I understand that although these materials are currently made available to university faculty members for classroom use free of charge, in the future, SHRM may find it necessary to charge fees even for the academic use of these resources in order to sustain the program and develop new teaching resources.

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