Academic Initiatives' mission is to help create better-prepared entry-level HR professionals through education, assessment, competencies and internships.

In 2004 and 2005, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) undertook a series of studies designed to define the parameters for colleges and universities to use when creating or modifying a degree program in human resources.  The studies showed that organizations want to know how to acquire, grow and retain HR professionals with a degree in HR.  In addition, organizations seek HR professionals who know how to execute competitive and strategic human resource practices.  Based on this research, in 2006, SHRM created a set of tools and materials designed to help professional organizations and academic programs educate and prepare students for a career in HR.  These tools and materials were introduced as part of the SHRM Academic Alignment Program.

The benefits of SHRM HR Curriculum alignment

  • Increased exposure for your HR degree program in the marketplace.

Aligned HR degree programs are listed in the SHRM HR Program Directory, a resource widely used by prospective HR students. Click on the above link to view a copy of this resource.

  • Opportunity for students enrolled in your program to become SHRM Certification holders.

Students at aligned schools who meet the eligibility requirements may apply for the SHRM-CP certification exam under a special student eligibility provision. This opportunity gives participating students a career advantage as they enter the job market as an HR professional. Information about the student eligibility program can be found in the SHRM Certification Handbook.  Click on the link to download a copy.

For more information, or to request an alignment application to have a degree program analyzed for alignment with SHRM's curriculum guidelines, please contact us at alignment@shrm.org.