By Myrna L. Gusdorf, MBA, SPHR

This case was used for the case solving competitions held at the five SHRM regional student conferences in the spring of 2011. Scenarios A through E were used. Participating undergraduate teams answered the questions included in the scenario documents; additional questions and debriefs were supplied in separate documents for participating graduate teams. The case scenarios and the graduate team questions/debriefs are available below.
Please note: no graduate team questions/debriefs were written for Scenario F.  

This case involves a fictitious company, D-Bart Industries, formed by the merger of Davis Manufacturing and Bartlund Technologies, two former rivals in the fabrication of precision parts used in medical equipment and airline manufacturing. It is appropriate for undergraduate or graduate students majoring in human resource or business management. Six scenarios comprise the entire case study. Click on any of the following to download the scenario and applicable graduate team questions/debriefs:






No Graduate Team Questions and Debriefs Available