By Ethan Sanders

This four-session module focuses on the competencies entry-level HR professionals need to be successful in an HR role and is intended to be taught as one multipart unit within an Overview of HR Management course or another HR course in which you think the content fits best within your university’s HR curriculum.  The module consists of four, 75-minute sessions that review SHRM’s HR Competency Model and the process that was used to develop it. The sessions explore the HR competencies most relevant to early-career professionals that HR professionals must develop to successfully launch a career in HR. This module is a mixture of lectures and interactive exercises. For each of the four competencies, we will review its definition, provide examples of the competency in action and explore its application in the field. The exercises are intended to provide an opportunity for students to practice these competencies in action.

Session 1 provides an overview of competencies. Session 2 focuses on the Relationship Management Competency. Session 3 focuses on the Ethical Practice Competency. Session 4 focuses on the Communication Competency. 

There are multiple components to this learning module. There are 21 documents in all.