Frostburg Fit

By Steve Riccio, Ed.D., SPHR

This case focuses on a fitness center located in Frostburg Falls, a thriving community 125 miles northwest of Minneapolis. It was recently voted as one of the top 100 small towns in the United States by a major travel and tourism publication. Located in Otter Tail County with a population of nearly 15,500, Frostburg Falls is described by many as having active, engaged residents. The case begins with introductory information about the organization and is then divided into three sections.
Each scenario includes question sets for undergraduate and graduate students. A debrief is included with each scenario, but because management dilemmas can be resolved using a variety of solutions, expect that students may come up with solutions that differ from those included in the scenarios. The three scenarios are as follows:

Scenario A: Fair Labor Standards Act Instructor Manual/Student Workbook
Scenario B: Employee Conduct/HR Strategy Instructor Manual/Student Workbook  
Scenario C: Moonlighting Instructor Manual/Student Workbook

Each scenario has an Instructors Manual and a Student Workbook.