Learning modules are provided as a resource for HR faculty to supplement a current teaching plan, to add a new HR content topic to an existing course, or to create a new course. A learning module includes PowerPoint slides, teaching notes, syllabus, recommended readings and instructor's manual. In some instances, the learning module includes accompanying case studies, exercises, progress checks and quizzes. While each learning module is designed to be complete and ready-to-use, we anticipate instructors will invest preparation time in order to customize the module to his or her own teaching style.

For viewing and printing notes on PowerPoint slides: For a number of the available learning modules, there are PowerPoint slides offered for class use. Many of these PowerPoint slides have notes available for the benefit of the instructor. In order to view the notes for the PowerPoint slides, you must save the document to your desktop or home drive and open it in PowerPoint. With the document open in PowerPoint, click on Notes Page under the View tab. This will allow you to see the notes (if any) for each slide in the presentation. More notes are available in the instructor’s manual or syllabus that accompanies the manual or case.

To print the notes, click on Print under the File tab. When the print dialogue box comes up, select the Notes Pages option under the Print what: drop-down menu that is on the bottom left-hand side of the dialogue box. This will print the entire slide show with notes directly under each slide. If you only want to print out the slides that have notes, you can do that by also selecting Slides in the Print Range box in the middle of the Print dialogue box. Then enter the slide numbers that include notes in the text box (each separated by a comma).

May students have access to Learning Module documents online?
No.  If you wish for students to have access to any Learning Module documents, you may post a copy on your university’s learning content management system. 

May I print out or copy Learning Module slides, exercises, quizzes, etc.  for students in my class?
Yes. Please duplicate only the number of copies needed, one for each student in the class.