By Myrna Gusdorf, MBA, SPHR

This learning module is intended to teach HR students the skills necessary to design, develop and implement a training program. This is a full-term module comprised of 10 units. It is anticipated that one unit is completed each week in two class periods, with class periods ranging from 50 to 90 minutes each. The module is segmented into five parts. Part one, Introduction to Training and Development, is completed in the first class period. Part two, Understanding the Organization, begins at the second class period of the first week and runs through the completion of unit two. Part three, Training Design and the Learner, is the longest segment, starting at unit three and running through unit seven. Units eight and nine comprise the segment on Conducting the Training and the last unit, number 10, concludes the module with Evaluation and Return on Investment. The basic structure of the class follows the ADDIE method of instructional design. Additional teaching notes and guidance are available in the instructor’s manual. PowerPoint slide decks are included for unit one, unit two, unit three, unit four, unit five, unit six, unit eight and unit ten. Unit seven uses another module, Transfer of Training by Holly Hutchins and Lisa Burke, available via this web site. There is no PowerPoint slide deck for unit nine—because that unit is reserved for student workgroup presentations.