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Welcome to the teaching resources page of the Academic Initiatives site. Both case studies and learning modules are available to faculty through this page. We are committed to empowering HR faculty with the proper tools and resources needed to create better-prepared entry level HR candidates through instruction for HR students.

SHRM recognizes that a successful human resource professional uses both expertise and experience to achieve the organizational strategy and mission. To accomplish this, the human resource professional must leverage his or her behavioral and technical competencies. To aid HR faculty in their delivery of important HR educational topics, our case studies and learning modules are aligned with SHRM’s corresponding competencies, based on the SHRM Competency Model®.  Likewise, the curriculum guidelines are also linked to and are increasingly based on the model. This document summarizes which HR competency is addressed in each case study and learning module

Please direct students only to Student Resources to download the student materials associated with case studies. Learning Modules exclusively for faculty to use in classrooms, and are not intended for distribution to students. However, if you wish to provide copies to students, please read the additional information in the Learning Modules section.

The cases and learning modules shown on this page are available for use by HR educators in university settings to add, change or supplement content in existing or new HR courses at the undergraduate or graduate levels.

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