Student Membership FAQs

  1. What are the differences between student and professional membership?
Student Membership
    • Cost: $40
    • Digital HR Magazine Subscription
      (note: student members do not receive the printed magazine with their membership)
    • Full access to SHRM Online 
    • Member Directory Online search capability 
    • Discounted rate for first 2 years of professional membership upon graduation. (Savings $220)
    • Free premium membership to
Professional Membership
    • Cost: $190
    • HR Magazine Print or Digital Subscription
    • Full access to the SHRM website
    • Full access to the Knowledge Center**
    • Workplace Visions newsletter

    **Benefits not included with student membership.

  1. ​​What are the requirements for becoming a student member?
    • Student is currently enrolled in a degree-seeking program.  Student shall provide proof of enrollment in a college or university to qualify for student membership.
    • Student’s coursework, taken or planned, supports an interest in Human Resource Management or a related degree program (not a certificate program).
    • Students holding any form of a current SHRM professional, associate, retired, global or general membership are not eligible to convert to student membership until their next renewal cycle.
  1. ​​Can I still become a student member without joining a chapter?
    Yes. Students will be considered a “student member-at-large,” meaning they have not been assigned to a student chapter. If student chapters exist at neighboring campuses, you may be able to participate in their activities with the consent of that chapter. To join as a member-at-large, simply write “5000” in the chapter number space on the application.
  1. ​​I'm graduating soon, can I still keep my student membership?
    Yes, the student membership guarantees members a full 12 months of service. Once it expires, you can take advantage of our exclusive conversion deal and save $220 over a 2 year period on a professional membership.

    If your graduation year has changed, we ask that you please update your information to ensure you are receiving relevant information. You can contact Member Care at 800-283-7476, 703-548-3440 or email Member Care or you can update your profile online.​
  1. What are the dues for student membership?
    National student membership dues are $40 per year (both inside and outside the U.S.). Some local chapters collect additional dues to use for chapter projects. Local dues are paid directly to your chapter and should not be sent to SHRM.
  1. Do students have to join at the beginning of a semester or quarter?
    No. The membership does not run on a calendar year.  It is based on the anniversary date of your membership. Students can join the Society anytime throughout the year and will receive a full 12 months of service from that time.  If mailed or faxed, please note it will take 4-6 weeks for the application to be processed.
  1. What if a student is working in HR, and is also a student? Should they join as a student or a regular member?
    Regular (professional) membership is designed to meet the needs of people currently working in the HR field, while student membership is designed for individuals exploring the human resources field or preparing to enter the profession. 

    If the you plan to use the membership to assist in your work as an HR practitioner, you should join as a professional member to gain full access to all services and benefits.
  1. How do students renew their memberships?
    1. Return a renewal invoice with payment.
    2. Fill out a new student membership application and check off 'current student member' on top. If a you receive an invoice and you are still a student, or will be graduating but beginning a graduate program, you may renew as a student member. If you are no longer a student when your membership expires, or are about to graduate, you should choose the conversion option and convert their membership to full professional status at the special half-price rate. Click here for more information on converting to full membership.
  1. How do I submit my student application?
    Membership applications may be completed and submitted electronically, via fax, by phone or by mail. 
    Phone (U.S.): 1-800-283-7476, option 3
    Phone (Int'l): +1-703-548-3440, option 3
    Fax: +1-703-535-6490, attention SHRM Member Care
    Submit Online
    Hours: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. ET
  1. What are the rules for converting from student to professional membership?
    The basic rules are as follows: 
    • Students must be a SHRM student member (at the national level).
    • If the student membership expires, they may convert to a professional membership within six months after their student membership expiration date by calling SHRM Member Care at 800-283-7476 (U.S. only), +1-703-548-3440 (Int'l).    
      • After the 6 month period, the discountered conversion rate is on a case-by-case basis and is at the discretion of Member Care.
    • Students may also convert to a professional membership online while their student membership is still active.
    • Click here to convert now to a professional membership.
  1. Can students join as an International Member?
    Yes, international students can join SHRM. However, they are not eligible to join a student chapter. International Students can join an International Forum. To learn more about these offerings, please contact Rosaura Barrera, Manager of Global Relationship at
  1. What is the YPAC?
    The Young Professionals Advisory Council exists to serve the interests of SHRM young professional (YP) members and provide guidance to SHRM for attracting and retaining non-member YPs. It also exists to ensure that SHRM YP activities are relevant to members and SHRM. We currently define young professionals as age 30 and under. Visit the HR YP website.
  1. I need my membership ID number right away. Is there any way to get this expedited?
    If you joined online you can access your member profile online by logging into using the email address you provided on your membership application as your user name, and your last name as your password. Applications mailed can take 4-6 weeks to process.
  1. Why am I not receiving any magazines or newsletters?
    Your subscription to HR Magazine is digital and will be delivered to your email address on file.  If that changes, please go online to update your member profile.
  1. I never received my membership information, but my check cleared the bank (or credit card was charged). What happened?
    We may have an incorrect address in our system. We can update this for you and have a new membership card sent. Please contact the Member Care Center for assistance at 1-800-283-7476.
  1. Is there someone at SHRM who I can interview for a paper I am writing?
    Please forward all inquiries to the Communications Manager (Robert LaGow). He will coordinate to identify a member one of SHRM’s specialty expertise panel members to handle any questions.

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