What are the Steps to Becoming Affiliated with SHRM?
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What are the Steps to Becoming Affiliated with SHRM?

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Before you begin the affiliation process, please review the chapter eligibility requirements​.


1. Seek the support of a faculty member, local professional member or an individual from the university's human resources or career services office who is or will become a SHRM member and who will serve as the chapter's advisor.

2. Hold a preliminary meeting to gauge interest and to discuss the reasons for forming a student chapter.

3. Elect a charter Executive Committee consisting of a:

  • Student chapter president. The president must be a current SHRM student member or willing to become one.

The following positions are recommended:

  • Vice president
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

     (Note: You may choose to elect additional officer positions. These are the recommended positions to elect as your group works to become affiliated with SHRM.)

4. Select a name for the chapter. Student chapters are required to select a name that indicates the college/university where the chapter is located. For example, American University SHRM Student Chapter or SHRM Student Chapter of National University. In the case of consortium chapters, this name may include the city where meetings are held, it may be a regional name, or it may take the name of a landmark or geographic site in the area. 

The chapter name may include the "Society for Human Resource Management" or the acronym "SHRM." The name must be different enough from SHRM's own name as to not create confusion to the member or prospective member between SHRM and the chapter

5. Contact SHRM regarding intent to affiliate with SHRM at SHRMStudent@shrm.org

Create and review the structure and content of your chapter bylaws against the
model chapter bylaws provided for compatibility. Before chapters sign the bylaws they should send them to Student Programs for review to ensure everything is in order and no changes need to be made. Amend where needed. SHRM-affiliated student chapters are autonomous, but their bylaws must not be in conflict with the intent of the bylaws of SHRM. The bylaws must be ratified by the chapter advisor and president and sent back to SHRM for final approval. 

7. Complete and sign the
student chapter petition.

8. Complete and sign the
student chapter charter. The charter defines the relationship between SHRM and each of its affiliate chapters. Information in the charter should be shared with your chapter officers and advisor so they completely understand the affiliation with SHRM.

9. If the stu
dent chapter will be a virtual student chapter, complete and sign the Charter Affiliation Addendum for Virtual Student Chapters.

10. Create a chapter roster for submission. SHRM will 
verify the membership status of all student chapter members listed on the roster. A minimum of 8 current SHRM student members is required.

11. If it appears that the existing number of SHRM members in the chapter falls short of the affiliation standards for filing a petitioncreate a plan to increase the number of SHRM student members.

  • Work with SHRM Student Programs staff.
  • Have a speaker or program on the benefits of membership in SHRM, utilizing volunteer leaders in your area.
  • Plan a recruiting campaign.  Recruiting tips are available online here.

12. Once you've determined that your chapter meets the affiliation standards, submit the following documents to your state council director for review/signature:

  • A copy of your membership roster. Please include names and SHRM ID numbers.
  • Documentation of your college's accredited HR or related degree program.

13. The State Council Director will review the documents, sign the petition, and forward the documents to SHRM. Originals should be submitted. To find your State Council Director please use out State Council Directory

14. SHRM staff will review the submitted ma
terials. Upon approval by SHRM and the SHRM CEO or Designee, you will be notified that your charter is approved.The review and approval process can last up to six weeks.

15. Upon receipt of approval, you will need to notify SH
RM of your chapter's chartering ceremony date and time.

Please give SHRM at least two weeks of notice to
send materials for your chartering ceremony. For more information on charter ceremonies, please visit this page.

16. Should a petition not receive approval, your chapter advisor and/or president will be informed of the status and what additional requirements must be completed.

Questions? Contact Student Programs at shrmstudent@shrm.org or 1-800-283-7476.​​​​​​

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