Inspiration Series: Future-Ready Workforce Engagement Strategies

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  Happy employees produce results, are you recognizing & rewarding them in the most              meaningful way?

  GenX employees are least engaged or job hoppers, are these statements true or only a            corridor  discussion?

  Managers and Leaders, how are they a part of designing and driving future ready workforce    recognition & rewards initiatives?

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BI WORLDWIDE, in association with SHRM India, presents a series of never before curated content by bringing together the industry experts, thought leaders and global researchers in R&R practice to equip you with future ready workforce engagement strategies.

We have heard a lot of chatter around the gig economy, millennials, on-demand roles and with that the changing landscape of engagement and recognition. The point being, employees are now being defined as workforce compartmentalized into various groups having more flexibility, independence and variety but the truth remains - they are human beings and are driven by motivation, engagement and recognition.

Hence, the question is what kind of employee experience, culture, recognition and rewards will work in the coming future and what are we doing about it? Are we equipped with research based future-ready workforce rewards and recognition strategies and frameworks? What role will managers and leaders play in the overall scheme of things to come?

We understand engaging this diverse set of employees across geographies, cultures and generations is quite challenging. But by the virtue of our experience, domain knowledge and extensive research we have the answers in the form of future ready workforce engagement strategies for you.

During the inspiration series on future ready workforce engagement strategies, we will try and answers few of these questions through the following focus areas: 

Episode 3  R&R Strategies for Managers and Leadership: Recognition Matters at
  all levels
  April 16th 2019 | 3:00 - 4:00 PM IST

Everyone understands how crucial is the role of managers and leadership in an organisation but what you might not know is how can you keep this crucial set of employees well engaged. Much has been spoken about overall rewards and recognition but we often discount the fact that it’s all the more important to engage with your leadership team and managers, through timely recognition. We can’t deny that happy manager leads a happy team; the speaker will share her insights on what are the best R&R strategies for Managers and leadership with millennials climbing up the ladder to becoming managers.
Episode 1  Changing Face of Recognition & Rewards
  April 2nd 2019 | 3:00 - 4:00 PM IST

Today’s workforce isn’t only concerned about enticing pay check, fancy office space and exciting work, they are more concerned about how much is their work appreciated and valued by their managers or employers. How meaningful are the rewards that are given to them, does it hold only transactional value or has an emotional touch to it. One-size fits all strategy wouldn’t work anymore, the speaker will share what kind of employee experience, culture, recognition and rewards will work in the coming future based on his industry experience.
Episode 2  Key insights & trends to watch out for in the wake of recent
  layoffs and in ever changing Workforce landscape
  April 9th 2019 | 3:00 - 4:00 PM IST

The research on workforce engagement strategies is quite essential to understand the reason as to how and why the landscape of engagement and recognition has changed. Emerging from the research the speaker will share the key insights and trends to adapt in ever changing workforce landscape and in the wake of recent layoffs.

And more learnings and collaboration with each episode of the inspiration series.

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