Mindset Over Matter: How the Right Leadership Mindset Can Drive Leadership Performance


The mindset of every leader impacts the decisions they make. Mindset shapes how leaders respond, learn, and navigate both business decisions and their life-long growth. There are a number of different mindsets that, when calibrated in the right way, help leaders of both gender maximize their performance and resilience. Join us to learn about the various mindsets that leaders can have, and which ones are the most effective according to our research into male / female leadership mindset. Highlights and key take-aways of this engaging half-hour presentation include: 

  • The most effective leadership mindsets for both male and female leaders. 
  • Mindset differences in effectiveness for male and female leaders. 
  • Generational mindset differences in effectiveness 
  • Key behaviors that support the most effective mindsets

Follow this link to learn more about leadership mindset research.

Thuy Sindell is the President of Skyline Group's Coaching Division, an executive coach, and author. Thuy's executive coaching experience spans over 20 years with companies across a number of different industries and sizes from technology to insurance and from start ups to Fortune 500s.

Thuy is also the founder of two software start-ups: Hit the Ground Running (acquired by Kenexa) and Knowledge Genie. She is the author of four books, Hidden Strengths (May 2015, Berrett-Koehler), The End of Work as You Know It (Ten Speed Press, 2010), Job Spa (Adams Media, 2008), and Sink or Swim (Adams Media, 2006). She has blogs on Huffington Post and Psychology Today. She has been featured in Business Week, CNN, Forbes, Fortune, Investors Business Daily, NBC, and Washington Post.