Executive Plus Membership

The Executive Plus membership is a network designed to engage HR executives on their most pressing business challenges, to facilitate the dialogue between thought leaders and practitioners, and to create solutions that drive success. 

Who Should Join the Network?
A typical member would be direct reports of the heads of HR or heads of HR who have 10+ years of HR and/or business experience, and heads of HR specialty areas (talent, compensation, and benefits, organizational development, etc.), or regional heads of global companies.  

The Executive Plus membership brings together business practitioners to share knowledge, experiences and new ideas for the advancement of HR leaders in their organization and in their careers. 

Executive Plus membership benefits include:

  • Attendance at one of the main conferences (WorkVision or Visionaries). Event registration fees are included
  • Peer introduction service

All components of the Executive membership are included:

  • People + Strategy Journal
  • People + Strategy Smartbrief
  • Executive insights delivered through events 
  • Executive networking (In-person and virtual)
  • Research + Whitepapers
  • Video + Podcast series
  • Webinars 
  • Blog
  • Discounted event pricing
  • SHRM Complimentary membership

Benefits of this membership tier:

  • Focus on helping members with problem-solving within specific knowledge areas
  • Capturing the benefit of vendor expertise while minimizing direct selling
  • Articles and information are more interactive - share, comment, etc.
  • Convenience of a fixed price for one in-person conference event