People + Strategy Journal

Fall 2020

Evolution or Revolution? Playbook for a Digital Age

This year has fast-forwarded most organizations' digital play­books and put HR in a unique position to lead, learn and influence. Current events have only made this question of evolution or revolu­tion more urgent. The one response to this changing world that is guaranteed not to work is an attempt at achieving stasis.


Designing HR for Digitally-Enabled Agile Organizations
Christopher G. Worley, Pepperdine University

The Journey to Become a Learning Organization
Tapaswee Chandele, The Coca-Cola Company

Driving Organizational Alignment Around a New Growth Strategy
Ingrid Estrada, Keysight Technologies

Creating Superminds of Human-Computing Resources
Bob Johansen, Institute for the Future

Purpose in a Digital Organization
Joe Whittinghill, Microsoft

Digital Transformation Blends Technology and Culture
Andrew Saidy and Isabel Barbosa, Schneider Electric


reimer image
From the Executive Editor
There Is No Single Playbook
David Reimer

From the Guest Editor
Digital Transformation Goes Beyond Technology
Joe Whittinghill, Microsoft


Embracing Agility in Culture and Organizational Structure
Laura Morgan Roberts, Claudy Jules and Christopher G. Worley, Rebecca Macieira-Kaufmann, Kerry Van Voris

In First Person
Satya Nadella: Success at Microsoft Grows Out of Organizational Culture

Executive Roundtable

How to Drive Transformational Change
Moderator: Adam Bryant
Participants: Dawn Zier, Aron Ain, Dinesh Paliwal

Linking Theory + Practice
OrgPhysics: Value Creation and the Three Leadership Structures
Niels Pflaeging, Silke Hermann and Brad Winn

​Insight into Action
Marc Sokol

​CHRO Connection
Lisa Chang: Focusing on People and Purpose at The Coca-Cola Company
Lisa Connell