People + Strategy Journal

Spring 2023

Pursuing the Promise: A Progress Report on America's Racial Reckoning

Three years ago, corporate America promised fundamental changes in response to the murder of George Floyd. Has all that talk about racial equity turned into true action?
   The Spring 2023 issue of 
People + Strategy analyzes that question from all sides. You'll learn from CEOs, senior HR leaders and board members about what is (and isn't) changing. Plus, discover lessons from organizations making a real impact on DE&I and discover groundbreaking new SHRM research on diversity in today's workplace.


Pie chart showing black men's employment by sector.

A series of interactive charts looking at today's workforce—
who is working, where they work and what they earn.

Promises Kept: Three Companies Living Up to 2020's Pledge for Racial Equity
A profile of organizations that went beyond the press releases of 2020, plus the lessons you can take from their progress.
by James D. White and Krista White

How tech consulting company Thoughtworks uses outside-the-box recruiting and blind reviews to exceed its ambitious diversity goals.
by Joanna Parke and Elise Zelechowski

Intel takes an engineering approach to diversity, starting with
a focus on data.
by Claudia Gilles

The Evolution of DE&I and the Role of the CDO 

A Q&A with diversity pioneer Dani Monroe about the birth of the diversity movement and the key questions facing chief diversity officers today.  

Path to the C-Suite

Only 1 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs are Black. Discover how innovative companies can feed the C-suite talent pipeline.
by Ron Williams

Leadership & Onboarding: The Foundation of DE&I

The CEO of McCann New York advertising agency explains how onboarding and training serve as a cornerstone for inclusion.
by Amber Guild

The DNA of DE&I: Implementing a Transformational Vision

"Transactional" DE&I is simply a checklist of diversity targets.
A truly transformative program must begin with your "whys."
by Natosha Reid Rice


Message from the President 
by Johnny C. Taylor, Jr.
reimer image

From the Executive Editor 
by David Reimer

The Big Question
Q&A with Niani Tolbert, Desmond Austin-Miller, Christopher Dean


In First Person

Directors Roundtable
Moderator: Dawn Zier
Participants: Shellye Archambeau, Patrick Gaston, Myrna Soto

Linking Theory + Practice

​Research + Insights
New proprietary survey results from the SHRM Research team
and "Moving Beyond Good Intentions" essay

Member Profile
Deon Riley, Chief Human Resources Officer
Bath & Body Works, Columbus, Ohio