People + Strategy Journal

Summer 2022

The Resilient Organization

Thousands of articles have been written on sustaining individual resilience. But in 2022, a different question has arisen: What have we learned from traversing this relentless stretch of obstacles—whether tactical challenges like supply chain or fulfillment issues, or macro threats such as COVID-19 and shifts in the geopolitical tectonic plates—that will help our organizations become more resilient and adaptive long-term? We dedicate this issue to that discussion. 



By Rob Goldstein, BlackRock

By Laura Morgan Roberts, Patricia F. Hewlin and Lily Simon

By Bill Strahan, Comcast Cable

Innovating Through a Crisis

By Kirsty Russell, Logitech


Message from the CHRO
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From the Executive Editor 
David Reimer

The Big Question
By Kristen Ludgate, Beth Simonetti and Tamera Millington Bhatti

In First Person

Linking Theory + Practice
By David Denyer, Edward H. Powley and Brad Winn

Directors Roundtable
Moderator: Adam Bryant
Participants: Sheila Penrose, Susan Story and Linda Zecher

Data Watch

The Takeaway: A Discussion Guide

Call for Papers

People + Strategy Journal, 45.4 (Fall 2022): The Balancing Acts of Leadership