People + Strategy Journal

Winter 2021

Leading Through Uncertain Times

Planning for the future has shifted from a traditional, single-minded process to focus on preparedness, responsiveness and multiple outcomes. Learn from leaders across the globe how to adapt your leadership and strategies to the exponential pace of change in today's business landscape.


Prepare for Surprises
Margaret Heffernan, University of Bath 

Applying Artificial Intelligence in Fluid Environments
Matthew Beers

Designing the Game of Work
Alexander L. Fernandez, Streamline Media Group

How to Make Strategic Choices in Uncertain Conditions
Elsbeth Johnson, SystemShift

Trust Is the New Leadership Test
Veronica Hope Hailey, University of Bath


Rehana Farrell of Youth INC and Beth Gullette of Well


Message from the President 
HR Executives Ready for the Reset
Johnny C. Taylor
reimer image
From the Executive Editor 
What Does It Mean to Be an Explorer?
David Reimer

​From the Guest Editors
The Gift of Creating a New Future 
Jeanette Gorgas and Shawn Layden 

Dropping Old Models to Do Better 
Laura Morgan Roberts, Barry O’Neill, Niko Canner and Tami Rosen

In First Person
Sandra Ozola: Resiliency Is the Key to High Performance

In First Person
Jos de Blok: Simplifying Complexity with Autonomy

In First Person
Barry Salzberg: Overcoming the Fragility of Future Planning

Linking Theory + Practice
Leading Through Crisis: 
When Downsizing Results in a Standing Ovation 
Robert E. Quinn, Ricardo B. Levy and Brad Winn

Executive Roundtable
When Leading in the Fog Is a Fact of Life
Moderator: Adam Bryant
Participants: Abe Ankumah, John Donovan, Penny Herscher

The Takeaway
Piercing the Fog
David Reimer

CHRO Connection
Michelle Nettles: 
Courage and Compassion Are Hallmarks of Modern Leadership 
Lisa Connell