People + Strategy Journal

Winter 2022

Data in Action

Data is not truth—it's data. The truth is hidden somewhere inside it, and the goal is to use of data to drive pragmatic insight and improve fact-based decision-making. Leaders cannot rely on analyses that produce the most attractive answer but must aim for analyses that prompt the hardest, but most impactful discussions.


Ernest W. Marshall, Wendy Hirsch and Mei Kim, Eaton

Sensing Without Surveys
Lili Duan and Michael N. Bazigos, Accenture Strategy

Reshaping Our Human Capital Strategies with Data
Susan Podlogar, Laura Shubert, Robin Gordon, MetLife


Data-Driven Approaches to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
​Laura Morgan Roberts and Melissa Thomas-Hunt, University of Virginia Darden School of Business

Claudy Jules, Lee Baz-Sanchez, Ivan Dyakonov and Joachim Talloen, McKinsey


Message from the President 
What You Measure Tells Me What You Value
Johnny C. Taylor, Jr.
reimer image

From the Executive Editor 
David Reimer

From the Guest Editorial Board Members
Judith Scimone, Claudy Jules

The Big Question
What Are the Limitations of Data?
Carolyn Moore, Kathleen Dyer, Rajesh Padmanabhan

In First Person
Prasad Setty: People Analytics Amplifies the Human Aspect

Directors Roundtable
Moderator: Adam Bryant
Participants: Shanti Atkins, Anand Chandrasekher, Sheila Talton

Linking Theory + Practice
Selecting a New Leader: Data Nuggets vs. Data Noise
Shoma C. Hayden, Dina Wang, Elena Botelho, Brad Winn

The Takeaway: A Discussion Guide