Prepare for the Aging Workforce


​The SHRM Foundation, in partnership with SHRM and with the support of a Sloan Foundation grant, has developed a suite of resources and tools to help you apply best practices for employing older workers. Download your complimentary materials below to prepare your organization for the aging workforce.

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Aging WorkfoRce Resources

The Business Case for Hiring and Retaining Older Workers

By 2050, the 65-and-older age group is expected to grow by 75 percent, while the 25-to-54 age group will grow by only 2 percent. Not only is the workforce aging, but the supply of younger workers is diminishing in comparison.

Mature workers—generally defined as workers over age 50 or 55—have experience and skills honed during decades of employment. Retaining talented mature workers—and recruiting new ones—is simply good business for most organizations.

The SHRM Foundation's New Direction

—is simply good business for most organizations.
—is simply good business for most organizations.
In an effort to better serve HR professionals, the SHRM Foundation will roll out a new values-based strategy in 2017 focused on causes important to the SHRM members as they work to build more inclusive organizations. Our new vision is "empowered HR professionals building inclusive organizations where all workers thrive and organizations achieve success."

Preparing for the aging workforce is the first initiative that the SHRM Foundation examined as part of this new approach.

In support of this new strategy, the SHRM Foundation will do the following for each new initiative:

  • Organize coalitions, nonprofit organizations and researchers to fund and conduct cause-based research to produce solutions for HR professionals.
  • Increase its funding of merit scholarships and begin to offer cause-based and need-based scholarships.
  • Provide tools and resources to engage chapters and members in making a local impact related to these issues.
If you would like to be part of future workplace cause initiatives, please contact Dorothy Mebane, Manager of Foundation Programs.



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