Award Alumni

Michael R. Losey Award Winners
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Denise Rousseau, Ph.D.


​Barry Gerhart, Ph.D.

Herman Aguinis, Ph.D. 
Paul Sparrow, Ph.D.
2015​Susan E. Jackson, Ph.D.
2014​Patrick Wright, Ph.D.
2013​John Boudreau, Ph.D.
2012​Eduardo Salas, Ph.D.
2011​Sara Rynes Ph.D.
2010​Wayne F. Cascio, Ph.D. 
2009​Benjamin Schneider, Ph.D.
2008​Herbert G. Heneman III, Ph.D.
2007​Michael Beer, Ph.D.
2006​Gary Latham, Ph.D.​
2005​Frank Schmidt, Ph.D.
2004​Lee Dyer, Ph.D.
2003​No award presented.​
2002​Edward E. Lawler, III, Ph.D.
* The Michael R. Losey Human Resource Research Award was suspended in 2003. Consequently no winner was chosen.

Susan R. Meisinger Fellowship for Graduate Study in Human Resources Winners

​Nicole Garcia, SHRM-CP


​Joshua Hoffman

Jeff D. Owens, SHRM-CP
​Jennifer Duncan, SHRM-CP, PHR
2015​Mary Otto, SHRM-SCP, SPHR​
2014​Mandy R. Woulfe, SPHR​
2013​Ivette M. Dupuis, SPHR, GPHR​
Katherine O. Brean, SPHR​
2012​Adrielle D. Lewinksi, PHR​
2011​Margaret M. Linnehan, PHR​
Kristy L. Brockman​
2009​Kristy L. Brockman​

Advisor of the Year Award Winners

Dr. Richard Colfax, Ph.D., SHRM-SCP            ​​University of Guam


​Professor Alan Cabelly, Ph.D. 

​Portland State University

Professor David A. Ferio
Rutgers University
​Dr. Michelle Dean, Ph.D.
​San Diego State University
2015​Dr. Angela K. Miles, Ph.D., SHRM-SCP​, SPHRNorth Carolina A&T University​
2014​Dr. Debbie L. Mackey, Ph.D., PHR​University of Tennessee, Knoxville​
2013​Kristy M. Dixon, SPHR​Meredith College​
2012​Dr. Donna Ledgerwood, SPHR​University of North Te​xas
2011​Dr. Jeff L. Walls, Ed.D, SPHR​Indiana Tech​
2010​Professor Marta Colon, SPHR​University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez​
2009​Dr. Beth A. Berret, SPHR​Alvernia University​
2008​Dr. James Nimnicht​Central Washington University​
2007​Dr. Edward Hernandez, SPHR​California State University, Stanislaus​
2006​Dr. Matthew Stollak, SPHR​St. Norbert College​
2005​Dr. Fraya Wagner-Marsh, SPHR​Eastern Michigan University​
2004​Carolyn K. Fisher​Pennsylvania State University​
2003​Dr. K. Shannon Davis, SPHR​North Carolina State University​
2002​Dr. James Nimnicht​Central Washington University​
2001​Dr. Alan Cabelly, SPHR​Portland State University​
2000​Dr. Terry Bishop, SPHR​Northern Illinois University​
1999​Dr. Dale Scharinger, SPHR​University of Wisconsin, Whitewater​
1998​Dr. Tom Stone, SPHR​Oklahoma State University​
1997​Dr. Bruce Wonder​Western Washington University​

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Ways to prepare your workforce for the possibility of business closures, working from home, quarantines and other outcomes of a disease outbreak.

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