Your Wish Is Our Benefit

A sampling of the most generous and imaginative employee benefits in the land.

By Susan Milligan Sep 1, 2016

Getting hitched? Boxed Wholesale, an online bulk-order company, will pay up to $20,000 for an employee’s wedding.

Getting Zen? Atrium Staffing offers onsite yoga and meditation, along with spin classes, tai chi, acupuncture, onsite massages, and beauty and skincare events. 

Paying down student debt? PricewaterhouseCoopers provides associates and senior associates $1,200 a year toward their student loans for up to six years. 

Starting a family? Facebook offers employees help with adoption and surrogacy, as well as cash for newborn expenses. EY will express-ship breast milk to the homes of nursing mothers who are traveling for work. 

Not yet family-friendly? Since 2015, Apple has covered the cost female employees incur for freezing their eggs for later fertilization. 2U, an online degree management company, gives extra time off or cash bonuses to workers who pitch in to cover the work of others on parental leave. 

Need a hand? Real estate company Caruso Affiliated provides a concierge that can help plan parties, book travel or pick up dry cleaning. 

Hungry? Yahoo provides free snacks, a 24/7 cafeteria and monthly food coupons.

Overindulged? Visit Yahoo’s onsite gym.

Transitioning? SAP, an international software company, will pay for sex reassignment surgery and therapy.

Work too much? 

Go away, Part 1: The Rand Corp. gives exempt employees an extra incentive for using vacation days. For every day taken, the worker gets a cash bonus equal to 3 percent of his or her monthly base pay.

Go away, Part 2: Netflix is among a number of companies offering workers unlimited vacation. Employees take time when they need it and are trusted not to abuse the benefit.

Go away, Part 3: Amazon once a year offers workers between $2,000 and $5,000 to quit. The idea is to weed out those who aren’t fully committed to the company and reinforce the loyalty of those who stay.


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