HR Magazine Book Blog Writers' Guidelines


HR Book Blog Guidelines

The HR Magazine Book Blog is a forum for the HR community to share their insights into the books that engage, inspire and inform them to be the best HR professionals they can be. It is written by both SHRM staff and outside contributors, including SHRM members and other HR professionals, authors, entrepreneurs and others. We're looking for bloggers who are passionate about books and HR and willing to get conversations started among their peers.

Here's what we're looking for in a post.

Length: 400-700 words

Format: An easy-to-scan Web-friendly presentation. That means short paragraphs, lots of hyperlinks, bulleted lists, etc. A Q&A format also works well.

Tone: As a blog, we welcome a personal and informal tone. We're interested in your unique perspective and opinions, although we ask that you support your arguments with examples and facts and avoid inflammatory language.

Content: We're open to many approaches. Let us know what you have in mind. Or use one of the following ideas for framing a post:

  • The 5 Books Every HR Professional Should Read (or 7 or 10 … pick your own number)
  • What I'm Reading Right Now (should relate to HR)
  • The Best HR Book I've Read that Has Nothing to Do with HR Ever read a nonfiction title (or even a fiction one) that resounds strongly with you as an HR person, even though it wasn't intended for that audience? We want to hear about it.
  • A Conversation with Two options here: If you're an author, work with a member of our staff to put together a Q&A; if you're an enthusiastic reader, ask your favorite author 3-4 questions relevant to his/her book and HR and we'll publish the Q&A.
  • A thematic post about the topic of your book: If you're an author, we'd love to hear a few key insights from your book and/or how the content of your book has helped HR or businesses. Please make it substantive rather than self-promotional.

Photo: Please submit a headshot or other relevant photo with your post.

Process: Send posts to one of the following members of the SHRM staff:

Matthew Davis: Manager, Book Publishing, Editorial:

Andi Cale, Manager, Bookstore & E-Commerce Operations, eMedia & Business Development:

Christina Folz: Editor, HR Magazine:

Desda Moss: Managing Editor, HR Magazine:


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