Prediction 5: Companies will redesign talent acquisition, leveraging network recruiting, brand reach and new technologies

By Josh Bersin January 7, 2015

Possibly the most important thing managers and leaders do in business is to hire the right people. But the world of recruiting has dramatically changed. Not only must we know how to source and assess candidates throughout a global network, we must also learn how to differentiate ourselves through brand, candidate experience and the candidate relationship management process.

At a high level, the world of recruiting is shifting from that of “traditional recruiting” to what we think of as “network recruiting.” Our company and brand extends into a network of candidates, potential candidates, employees, contractors and corporate alumni.

Deloitte recently completed several years of research on talent acquisition and found that, among 20 or more factors in recruitment, three of the most important today are to:

Build a strong relationship with hiring managers. Many managers are not well-trained at recruiting, so it’s important to teach them how to identify the right candidates. Ultimately, the process breaks down if managers are not assessing people well. It’s probably the hardest thing we have to do, so work closely with them to build capability and make sure candidates are getting a great and efficient experience. Great managers know how to recruit great people.

Develop a strong candidate pool through brand and relationship management. This means marketing the company well, attracting interested candidates well before a job is posted, making the candidate experience valuable and easy, and continuously communicating with candidates. The whole model of “network recruiting” means investing in the brand, marketing, communications and reach to engage the right people around the world.

Leverage internal and external networks. Use your employees and alumni for referrals; tap into professional groups, universities and industry groups that align with your company and build relationships with these groups that will bring the top candidates to you. Today’s new talent acquisition platforms, which almost totally replace legacy systems, have built-in tools to leverage networks, explode referral marketing and more easily create candidate marketing programs.

This is the year to take a broad, strategic look at your talent acquisition strategy. What parts of the ecosystem are you missing? Where are you wasting time and money on sourcing or recruiters you no longer need? Are you investing heavily enough in the new tools needed to reach the best candidates on the market? Have you built the most authentic, compelling and meaningful brand and candidate experience you can?

Josh Bersin is the principal and founder of Bersin by Deloitte, a research and advisory consulting firm in enterprise learning and talent management.


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