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Jan 1, 2007

HR Magazine, January 2007 Health and Safety

Amaxx Risk Solutions Inc. has launched the WorkersCompKit, one of the first online workers’ compensation cost-containment programs. The new kit is designed to provide employers with the tools needed to cut workers’ compensation costs by more than 30 percent. The new web site (www.workerscompkit.com) offers resources and support tools that allow organizations to track workers’ compensation costs and systematically build solutions to reduce these costs. The web site’s complete workers’ compensation management program can help employers save money almost immediately.

Contact: www.workerscompkit.com; e-mail: info@workerscompkit.com

HR Technology

Spectrum Human Resource Systems Corp. has released the latest version of its popular human resource information systems product, iVantage 4.0. The software includes a new metric-style reporting feature that allows HR managers to generate a wide range of reports, such as an analysis of turnover rates based on performance ratings. The software updates also feature a new interface that allows users to customize their personal home page and display dashboard-style reports.

Contact: www.spectrumhr.com; e-mail: jglennon@spectrumhr.com

Nakisa Inc. has introduced a new generation of succession-planning and workforce-modeling tools with the launch of the software package Nakisa OrgManagement Series 2007. The easy-to-use and highly interactive tools provide accurate and up-to-date HR and workflow data needed to develop effective succession plans and workforce models. With Nakisa OrgManagement 2007, users can easily print or export workforce data and views to create Microsoft Excel spreadsheets or PowerPoint presentations. The export functions of the new software also ensure that users have accurate workforce information, which can then be integrated into day-to-day business processes and HR procedures.

Contact: www.nakisa.com; e-mail: tracey.ades@nakisa


Authoria Inc. has announced the release of Authoria Recruiting 2007, a new recruiting and hiring software tool designed to help hiring managers work more effectively with corporate recruiters. A new set of features in the software allows employers to create organizational charts and candidate-feedback ratings while developing in-context coaching programs for managers and new hires. The software also offers employers advanced search capabilities and the ability to measure the quality of each hiring decision.

Contact: www.authoria.com; e-mail: info@authoria.com

JobApp Network has launched a new automated recruiting and electronic job application service that combines candidate sourcing, applicant screening and scoring into a single fully automated procedure that can increase the speed of the hiring process by 70 percent. The JobApp Network staffing tool can be deployed as a low-cost stand-alone program or can be integrated into any organization’s HR function. JobApp replaces paper-based employment application processes with a revolutionary phone-based employment application. The new service combines both telephone and Internet technology to create a cross-platform service that allows job seekers to complete job applications from home or their mobile phone. The service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is designed to gather all necessary employment application information quickly and accurately. The service also can administer a prescreening test by using the latest in computer-aided structured interview techniques.

Contact: www.jobappnetwork.com; e-mail: fnussbaum@jobappnetwork

Talent Management

Salary.com Inc. has announced the release of its new on-demand talent management solution, TalentManager, which can help organizations develop and adopt pay-for-performance cultures. The new web-based talent management tool is designed to provide employers with accurate information that seamlessly links employee pay-for-performance with an organization’s human capital investments. The new software features fully integrated compensation planning and performance management tools and includes an international language support function for users.

Contact: www.salary.com; e-mail: info@salary.com

Training And Development

Based on extensive client feedback, dominKnow Inc. has upgraded and launched the newest version of its e-learning courseware development tool, dominKnow LCMS version 5.0. The new software benefits training departments and helps design and develop training courses that focus on an employer’s needs. The software gives course developers and training managers greater control over course structure and the flexibility to work the way they want to.

Contact: www.dominknow.com; e-mail: info@dominKnow.com

The Disney Institute is bringing its popular Disney Approach seminar series to the Disneyland Resort in southern California. These open-enrollment professional development programs will be offered throughout the year beginning in February and are available for individual sign-up and for groups. Similar to programs offered at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, each three-and-a-half-day program is a learning experience that focuses on either leadership development or improving customer service. Continuing education credit for these courses is available to program participants through a variety of accrediting bodies, including the American College of Healthcare Executives, the Human Resource Certification Institute and the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy.

Contact: www.disneyinstitute.com; e-mail: terry.brinkoetter@disney.com

The Oxford Total Learning Group has launched a new service that uses web-based technology to deliver coaching and mentoring development programs in a variety of easy-to-use audiovisual formats. The coaching and mentoring programs are designed to enhance any organization’s career and leadership development initiatives and are available around the clock. A series of online courses gives users the opportunity to watch top professionals practice their art of coaching and helping others achieve their best.

Contact: www.ocmc.net; e-mail: ed@oscm.co.uk

Blue Chip Expert is a new online contract staffing service created specifically to help connect top-level freelance professionals and consultants with leading-edge businesses. Using the combined power of the Internet and professional networks, the new service offers employers new sources of top-level professional talent that are generally untapped and unavailable through any traditional online recruiting services. Membership is by invitation only. The service exclusively targets top-level contract professionals and consultants. 

Contact: bluechipexpert.com; e-mail: DianeK@bluechipexpert.com

HRDQ Inc. has launched a web-based assessment system, HRDQ Online, to support the popular assessment product, What’s My Communication Style? The new online assessment system provides trainers access to data analysis tools and learning aids that can help them customize their presentations to fit the needs of any organization or group of training program participants. The online service allows trainers to assess program participants’ skills and training needs accurately and efficiently.

Contact: www.hrdq.com; e-mail: vdupont.com

Workplace Management

ATS Inc. has launched a new module of its employee leave administration software, FMLA Administrator. The new software tool automates the process of collecting and recording use of intermittent leave taken by employees, in accordance with the regulations that govern the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). The software also is designed to support basic FMLA administrative and recordkeeping processes. The software allows human resource and benefits managers to use accurate, up-to-date information for better decisions on employee leave requests. Data tracked by the software also can provide employers with a better picture of employee absenteeism patterns.

Contact: http://www.qquest.com/Products/tabid/79/Default.aspx; e-mail rjustin@qquest.com

TimePlus Payroll Services has introduced its new Web-Based Time and Attendance module, a feature that offers businesses a convenient, accurate and inexpensive way to track the work time and schedules of employees from any computer with an Internet connection. The online service fully integrates with web-based payroll services from TimePlus and offers employees a simple way to clock in and clock out while keeping accurate and up-to-date records of the actual time worked. The new attendance module also gives employers with employees in remote locations the flexibility to account for work hours in real time, and it provides users a way to generate reports quickly. 

Contact: www.timeplus.com; e-mail: info@timeplus.com

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