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May 1, 2007

Online health care resources; HR outsourcing center; employee leave and absence management software; more.

Benefits Administration

With the new software product CDH Express, ConnectYourCare Inc. has streamlined administration and enrollment for consumer-directed health (CDH) plans. The new service is designed to help small and mid-size employers establish a CDH plan and create cost-effective enrollment procedures for flexible spending accounts, health reimbursement arrangements and health savings accounts. With CDH Express, employers have access to an online self-service module, plus the new software allows employers and plan sponsors to easily update employee information and set up direct deposit or payroll deductions for plan participants. The software features a variety of reporting tools designed to help plan administrators monitor account activity and the status of health care claims. 

Contact: www.connectyourcare.com; e-mail: holly.smith@connectyourcare.com

RealLife HR has announced the launch of the RealLife Benefits platform—a suite of web-based applications designed to help human resource professionals improve their organization’s benefits communication, enrollment and administration. The online software tools offer employers greater flexibility and control in administering benefits plans. The new platform can be installed and ready to use within three months. RealLife Benefits also can accommodate changes to existing benefits plans in less than 30 days before an open enrollment period. As a result, plan sponsors will have greater flexibility with benefits providers and will have more time to negotiate the best rates. 

Contact: www.reallifehr.com; e-mail: info@reallifehr.com

SHPS Inc. has launched a new suite of integrated health care management services for third-party administrators (TPAs). The services offered by SHPS include utilization reviews, disease management and case management and are designed to give TPAs effective and efficient ways to help clients reduce their corporate health care costs. By featuring an integrated care management solution in their product portfolio, TPAs can add value to their client services and improve delivery of health care services to plan participants. 

Contact: www.shps.com; e-mail: info@shps.com

Work & Family Benefits Inc. has launched My Benefits, an Internet portal that offers small and medium-sized businesses a flexible, ready-to-use communications tool. The new web portal is designed to help employers deliver benefits information to plan participants in a cost-effective manner. The My Benefits portal now serves as the information hub for Work & Family’s My Life values, a web-based work/life information resource. Companies using My Benefits can customize the web portal to provide an intranet link that not only routes employees to benefits information but also can be configured to deliver any corporate communications. 

Contact: www.wfbenefits.com; e-mail: info@wfbenefits.com

Compensation and Benefits

Boloto Health Benefits Inc. has launched the Boloto Health Benefits Plans. The new benefits plans offer businesses with more than 25 employees comprehensive, zero-deductible and low co-pay health care coverage and give plan participants access to more than 400,000 health care providers through Boloto’s network of preferred provider organizations. The Boloto health plans offer coverage for all medical expenses from routine doctors’ appointments to catastrophic health conditions. The new health plans provide a maximum of $1 million in health insurance coverage per year to each participant. The plans also provide the option for prescription coverage of $25,000 in annual benefits per person with co-pays of $10 for generic drugs and $50 for brand-name prescriptions. 

Contact: www.bolotogroup.com; e-mail: info@bolotogroup.com

Health and Safety

Hummingbird Coaching Services Inc. has launched the new online health site MyHealthCoach.com, which is designed to help employers control health care costs and encourage healthy lifestyles among their employees. Hummingbird’s new web site offers employers a comprehensive resource that can help them evaluate online health care coaching and wellness programs. These resources can help employees achieve goals such as weight loss, blood pressure reduction and smoking cessation. In addition, hyperlinks throughout the web site provide quick access to instructional videos and content, which fully explain online coaching systems and company philosophy. 

Contact: www.hummingbirdcoaching.com; e-mail: Sean.Slovenski@hummingbirdcoaching.com

HR Management Systems

MyPayrollHR has launched a new web-based HR management software tool and combined it with an array of online payroll services. The new software tool offers HR managers access to custom reporting features and payroll processing functions that merge all the advantages of in-house software and outsourced payroll. This new web-based management tool is designed to help smaller businesses manage their workforce by allowing them to take control of payroll processes and directly address their organization’s HR needs

Contact: www.mypayrollhr.com; e-mail: info@mypayroll.com


Vurv Technology has announced the launch of its new HRO (Human Resource Outsourcing) Center of Excellence. The center’s staff of dedicated HRO professionals will provide an expanded array of services to Vurv’s clients. By providing an experienced team of experts who focus on the growing HRO market, Vurv will be able to help clients and long-term partners develop and implement cost-effective HRO programs that align with their organization’s strategic goals by using global best recruiting practices.  

Contact: www.vurv.com; e-mail: info@vurv.com


VCG Inc. has announced the release of its software tool Pointwing. The highly flexible software package is designed to support staffing and recruiting firms of all sizes. The new software features a web portal module that allows users to integrate Pointwing with their organization’s existing web site. The portal also simplifies and streamlines key functions such as posting jobs online and managing job applications

Contact: www.pointwing.com; e-mail: info@pointwing.com

JobsinPods.com offers a unique new service, which combines online job listings and podcasts. On this new recruiting web site, job postings feature podcasts of interviews with a company’s human resource staff and managers about the job openings and employment opportunities. Employers are provided a link to their own interviews, which they can place on their web site. JobsinPods provides all the computer support and online software needed, so no specialized IT skills or experience is required.

Contact: www.jobsinpods.com; e-mail: info@jobsinpods.com

CollegeGrad.com has launched a new resource for entry-level job seekers by placing more than 60 job search videos online. Each video is approximately one minute long and provides entry-level job seekers with quick, practical advice such as preparing a resume and answering tough interview questions. The web site also features instructional videos on more than 350 different careers and industries.

Contact: www.CollegeGrad.com; e-mail Heidi.Hanisko@CollegeGrad.com

Training And Development

Harvard Business School Publishing has released Harvard ManageMentor 10, the newest version of its popular management training tool. Harvard ManageMentor 10 features more than 40 modules with practical advice, downloadable instruction tools and time-saving tips on key management topics. Developed with input from customers and top-level managers, Harvard ManageMentor 10 features an array of interactive training sessions that reinforce key skills, which give managers the opportunity to apply what they learn. This newly enhanced training tool also includes a collection of short videos from top-level executives who give real-world perspectives on how to become a more effective business leader.

Contact: http://www.corporatelearning.hbsp.org; e-mail: ggulick@hbsp.harvard.edu

Workplace Management

Lathem Time Corp. has introduced PayClock Express, an automated time and attendance system for small businesses. PayClock Express features a high-tech electronic time clock, which runs with accompanying Windows-based software. Employees clock in and out with proximity badges encoded with a special chip that communicates with the clock using radio frequencies. The new high-tech badges replace paper-based time cards used with conventional mechanical clocks. The electronic time clock stores employee ins/outs, which are recorded instantly in the PayClock Express software. The clock is connected to a desktop computer using a standard USB port. No additional connections or wires are required. 

Contact: www.lathem.com; e-mail: info@lathem.com

Work Scheduling

Senior Internet Ltd. has developed and released e-days—a new employee leave and absence management software tool. The e-days system is web-based and can help employers easily and efficiently schedule employee vacation and holidays. The self-serve software allows employees to make leave requests online, from work or from home. The requests are then submitted to supervisors and human resource managers for authorization. The system allows employees to view their holiday and vacation schedules as well as the work schedule for their team or department. The software is designed to help supervisors monitor leave patterns, training schedules and workdays missed because of illness. 

Contact: www.e-days.co.uk; e-mail: e-days@senior.co.uk

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