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Jun 1, 2007

HR Magazine, June 2007Change leadership services; expatriate communication tool; internship training program DVD; more.

Benefits Administration

Ceridian Inc. has announced the launch of Ceridian Benefits Compliance Reference System, a risk management and “best-practices” online guide for health, welfare and retirement benefits. This new online resource features summaries of the latest local and national laws and regulations, as well as in-depth explanations and guidance to help employers better manage the planning, compliance and communication of their benefits programs. Forms, policies, notices, FAQs, checklists and related publications are also available. Ceridian hosts the web site to ensure that the reference system is updated with the latest information. 

Contact: www.myceridian.com/hrcompliance; e-mail: info@myceridian.com

Change Management

Pivotal Resources Inc. has announced the launch of its new change leadership portfolio of services, which are designed to help businesses develop effective change management strategies. The new portfolio of consulting and training services was developed to help employers identify the best plans for sustained success and to turn change into competitive advantage by creating a faster and more responsive organization. The new change leadership services are divided into three categories: Leadership Performance, Portfolio and Process Management, and Change Execution. Each service is specifically designed to help organizations define and successfully execute a variety of change initiatives. 

Contact: www.pivotalresources.com; e-mail: info@pivotalresources.com

Health Care

Meritain Health has launched a new cost management strategies department to help employers and plan sponsors manage and reduce employee health care costs. Specifically, the new department will offer services that evaluate medical spending and plan design and then suggest individual behaviors that can promote overall member health and financial stability for employer health plans. The department also will review and manage high-dollar claims. To provide its clients with more cost-saving solutions, Meritain will use its data to decrease the percentage of claims paid at the highest retail costs and determine the best access to provider networks for group health care plans. 

Contact: www.meritain.com; e-mail: info@meritain.com

Sun Life Financial has expanded its stop-loss cost-containment program to include an array of new services designed to help businesses reduce health care costs. The new program has been named SunResources and is designed to link employers with lower-cost vendors and other services that can decrease the costs of employee health care. SunResources targets employers’ and plan sponsors’ biggest cost-containment challenges, such as hospital bills, out-of-network charges, chronic conditions, and major medical procedures such as organ transplants and kidney dialysis. 

Contact: www.sunlife-usa.com; e-mail: info@sunlife-usa.com

International HR

On Call International has partnered with Goodwell Technologies to develop an innovative communications tool that directly links its clients’ expatriate employees with On Call’s health care providers. The new TrueVisit platform allows expatriates to communicate directly with On Call physicians and nurses through a secure Internet connection. The system is configured to comply with federal regulations that protect patient privacy. On Call clients in remote parts of the world will be able to use the system with the video and audio capabilities of most personal computers. The new transaction platform provides safe, secure and easy-to-use health care communications. 

Contact: www.oncallinternational.com; e-mail: info@oncallinternational.com

Performance Management

Inquisite Inc. has launched two new products designed to create a new bridge between employee performance and customer satisfaction. These new evaluation tools will help HR managers appraise employee performance based on the satisfaction of their customers and colleagues. Inquisite’s new Web Survey System 8.0 helps HR managers create surveys that use existing employee data and allows respondents to provide ongoing feedback through individual portal pages. A new automated performance management system integrates performance evaluations with survey data, which creates a performance measure based on the satisfaction of both employees and customers. 

Contact: www.inquisite.com; e-mail: ebgilmore@blancandotus.com

Censeo Corp. has released a series of enhancements to the company’s online tool for conducting 360-degree feedback surveys. The new features include an online manager approval function, a self-service portal that allows participants to launch their own surveys and a new group of rating tools designed to help HR managers create accurate performance evaluation reports

Contact: www.censeocorp.com; e-mail: info@censeocorp.com


TempWorks Software has released its WebCenter fx Suite, a complete redesign of its web-based staffing and temporary workers products. TempWorks’ newly redesigned applicant portal takes advantage of the Internet’s capabilities to reach a wide range of applicants. The online tool allows candidates to submit an application with complete personal, employment, education and job skills data. In addition, candidates may submit existing resumes from which the system will pull information and automatically complete the application form on the web site. The applicant portal and a new job board work together to help job seekers find openings and to ensure that staffing companies have the resources to deliver the best services possible

Contact: www.tempworks.com; e-mail: info@tempworks.com

Training And Development

Z University has produced and released a new instructional DVD called “The Blueprint for Internship Success.” This new training program is designed to show employers how to develop high-performance internship programs and teaches managers the best ways to supervise students, use their talents fully, develop workplace skills and promote good work habits. The “Blueprint” video uses a pyramid graphic to illustrate the nine critical building blocks for a world-class internship program. At the pyramid’s foundation are the core best practices, which include commitment, ownership, planning, recruiting and expectations. 

Contact: www.InternToolkit.com; e-mail: info@zuniversity.org

CPP Inc. has announced the release of MBTIComplete, a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessment tool that is now available online. By using MBTIComplete, HR professionals can spend less time interpreting personality assessment results and more time improving organizational performance. This online product can help boost effectiveness of training by introducing and defining personality types to training program participants. MBTIComplete also guarantees that standard interpretations are delivered to each client, which puts participants on a level playing field prior to any training exercise. 

Contact: www.cpp.com; e-mail: info@cpp.com

“Accounting In An Hour” is a new 60-minute training course available via live seminars and DVD. The program is designed to help non-financial staff gain accounting knowledge and become more valuable and productive in their careers. The course clearly explains financial statements, shows how organizations make and lose money, and demonstrates how assets and liabilities are recorded. With this unique training program, participants learn how to interpret accounting terminology and goals, take part in financial discussions, read reports, achieve job satisfaction and self-satisfaction, and appreciate what an organization must do to turn a profit. From an organizational perspective, the course can help companies comply with Sarbanes-Oxley reporting requirements. 

Contact: www.AccountingInAnHour.com; e-mail: info@accountinginanhour.com

Work/Life Benefits

With the rollout of a new employee benefits solution from Everest Inc., employers can now offer cradle-to-grave coverage in the truest sense of the phrase by providing extensive funeral planning assistance to valued employees. Everest’s customized benefit packages can give employees the resources they need to make crucial decisions on difficult and costly issues facing their families. Everest’s planning tools offer personalized assistance so users can specify their individual end-of-life needs and desires. Some of these resources include a comprehensive planning guide, phone-based assistance from well-trained planning advisors, and storage and maintenance of plans until they are needed. 

Contact: www.everestfuneral.com; e-mail: info@everestfuneral.com

Workplace Management

NDMA Inc. has released its new project cost modeling tool, the Full-Cost Maturity Model. This new software is designed to help businesses build better budgets, determine cost allocations and get a complete picture of project costs. The model includes a step-by-step guide through the methods, processes and tools required to develop a project cost model. 

Contact: www.FullCostMaturityModel.com; e-mail: info@fullcostmaturitymodel.com

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