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Sep 1, 2005

HR Magazine, September 2005 Real estate PPO network; phone-based medical consulting service; orientation software; more.

Health Care

TelaDoc Medical Services Inc. has launched a nationwide medical consulting service designed to provide quality medical care over the telephone. By simply picking up the telephone, TelaDoc can help a person quickly resolve routine medical issues at home, at work or on the road in a fraction of the time most people spend going to an urgent care facility, emergency room or doctor’s office. Benefits administrators and HR professionals will find the TelaDoc program easy to offer and administer. Patients will receive a receipt to file for reimbursement or to apply toward a deductible, and TelaDoc can help reduce the number of health care claims filed.

​Contact: www.teladoc.com; e-mail: info@teladoc.com

Compensation And Benefits

Baker, Thomsen Associates, a compensation and benefits consulting firm, has developed a new benefits tool for HR executives called BenefitsReview.com. BenefitsReview.com uses web technology to improve HR benefits services for employees while also enhancing communications. For many subscribers, it can help reduce HR administrative costs significantly. BenefitsReview.com generates benefits plan documents and forms electronically, including summary plan descriptions, annual reports, benefits election forms, authorizations and waivers. In addition, this new online tool can create other forms and documents specific to every offered benefits plan, including evidence of coverage, certificates of coverage and benefits summaries.

​​Contact: www.benefitsreview.com; e-mail: info@btabta.com

Mortgage Benefits Corp. (MBC) has launched The Realty PPO, a preferred provider network of real estate brokers, one of the first real estate PPO networks that employers can now offer as a group benefits plan to employees. The Realty PPO is designed to enhance MBC’s Mortgage- Choice Plan by offering cash rebates and credits to employees for the purchase or sale of homes. The Realty PPO allows participants to view more than 1 million properties nationwide and to select realtors, much as they would select doctors or dentists in a health care provider network. The Realty PPO provides realtor profiles that include photos, bios, contact information, transaction history, testimonials, licensure and ratings by other plan participants.

​Contact: www.mortgageplans.com; e-mail: info@mortgageplans.com

Employee Retention

CPP Inc. has launched a new employee retention tool designed to help organizations of all sizes increase employee satisfaction and reduce turnover. At the heart of the new service is an organizational effectiveness survey administered by CPP consultants. The survey measures the value of a company’s human capital, identifies its key workforce strengths and development opportunities, and provides the foundation for a strategic retention plan. After analyzing the results of the survey, CPP consultants assess employee attitudes toward change, conflict, decision-making and communications. The information gathered can help employers develop and implement strategies to improve their HR management processes and create employee retention programs that work.

​​Contact: www.cpp.com/retentionsolutions; e-mail: lwalling@cpp.com

Performance Management

Promantek Inc. has developed and released a new multi-rater module for its flagship TrakStar Performance Appraisal software. The TrakStar multi-rater is designed to offer HR managers an accurate way of collecting feedback and information from individuals who can help provide a complete picture of an employee’s performance and impact on the organization. Additionally, the multi-rater module can request precisely the type of feedback needed from each rater, including comments and performance ratings on skills or work goals. This ensures that employees are asked to comment only on observable and relevant areas. Summary reports make it easy for HR managers to compare feedback from all sources to create a comprehensive and accurate employee evaluation.

​​Contact: www.promantek.com; e-mail: info@promantek.com


VCG Inc. has released WebPAS 4.0, the newest version of its popular recruiting and staffing software. This software tool includes new functions designed to streamline a number of administrative processes for recruiters. For example, WebPAS now offers e-mail integration with Microsoft Outlook, which allows users to select specific or multiple e-mails with a single click. In addition, the software can generate new job candidate profiles automatically from an e-mail if needed. The software also provides recruiters and staffing managers a complete record of all electronic communications with clients or job candidates related to specific job placements.

​Contact: www.vcgsoftware.com; e-mail: info@vcgsoftware.com

TempWorks Software Inc. has created a new web-based job applicant portal for its suite of web-based recruiting and hiring services. By using the new applicant portal, a job candidate can complete online job applications quickly and submit a resume, automatically creating a record within the TempWorks system. The applicant portal also allows prospective employees to search a staffing company’s database of open jobs for positions that may fit their qualifications. Applicants then have the option to view further details, submit an e-mail to alert the staffing company, add a job posting to their list for further review, and e-mail information on a position to a friend or colleague.

​​Contact: www.tempworks.com; e-mail: blarson@tempworks.com

VirtualEdge Corp. has announced the release of VE Salute, a new tool for improving the orientation and training of new hires. VE Salute is designed to streamline and accelerate the process of integrating new hires into an organization and help ensure that they become productive and valued employees. The new software tool features a self-serve portal that provides new hires with the information they need to perform their jobs. VE Salute automates and streamlines many orientation procedures that HR managers have to administer manually.

​Contact: www.virtualedge.com; llevan@virtualedge.com

Strategic HR

Sapien Inc. and HRM Software Ltd. have joined together to launch the new online service HRM Connect in North America. The service is designed to offer employers comprehensive support for critical HR management and planning activities, including succession planning and leadership development, skills management, career development, performance management, compensation plans, training administration, and recruitment. The online platform is designed for ease of use and features integrated navigation functions to improve workflow and security.

Contact: www.sapiensoftware.com; e-mail: info@sapiensoftware.com.

Workplace Management

Kronos Inc. has released the latest version of its workforce management tool, Workforce Central 5.1. This version features new employee self-scheduling functions that meet the needs of both the business and the employees. The software is designed to engage employees and get them more involved in work scheduling processes by offering them the opportunity to give input on schedule postings and the ability to sign up for or bid on work shifts they desire. These new functions can help organizations improve employee satisfaction and retention while minimizing the need for overtime and contingent labor.

​Contact: www.kronos.com; e-mail: info@kronos.com

Ascentis Inc. has released its newest HR-related software tool, HROffice 6.5. The new software package features state-of-the-art enhancements for its online leave management, employee communications and legal compliance functions. Other enhancements to HROffice 6.5 include a new job applicant manager function, and security features designed to protect sensitive employee information and Social Security numbers.

Contact: www.ascentis.com; e-mail: info@ascentis.com

Time America Inc. has introduced a series of next-generation time clocks that are designed to increase an organization’s productivity and lower labor costs. The new time clocks use the latest technologies to provide accurate time-and-attendance tracking and improve the accuracy of planning work schedules and reporting hours worked. By using the new Time America clock terminal, supervisors can better manage staff schedules and eliminate unauthorized overtime. The new clocks are available in three models that include various data input options such as magnetic, barcode, proximity and biometric fingerprint readers.

​Contact: www.timeamerica.com; e-mail: infor@timeamerica.com

Workplace Safety

Therapeutic Associates Inc. has launched a new service designed to evaluate and help employers manage workplace safety programs. The new CareConnections’ Office Ergonomics Suite is an automated system intended to help employers assess workplace risk and educate their employees on correct safety procedures. By using several well-known safety standards, the new system can help employers identify risk factors for individual employees. The risk assessment can provide detailed information about why an employee should be considered a high, moderate or low safety risk.

​​Contact: www.therapeuticassociates.com; e-mail: info@therapeuticassociates.com

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