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Sep 1, 2007

HR Magazine, September 2007Financial planning brochures; employee reward and recognition tool; web conference software tool; more.

Orientation and Outplacement

BearingPoint Inc. and Oracle have joined to offer a new web-based software package that automates and streamlines both employee orientation and outplacement processes. This new software tool is designed to align with an organization’s information systems, including HR management systems, talent management systems, payroll, finance, facilities management, security and procurement, and then help companies save time and resources throughout the hiring and orientation processes. In addition, the software can be used to address challenges associated with outplacement such as the return of company property and shutting down system and facilities access when employees leave. 

Contact: www.bearingpoint.com/hr; e-mail: info@bearingpoint.com

Employee Wellness

The American Institute for Preventive Medicine has developed the Wellness Wizard to help employers identify how many of their employees have risky and poor health habits. These bad habits include smoking, being overweight, or having high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes. Using government statistics and published research data, the Wellness Wizard calculates the extra health care costs a company faces annually due to the risky behaviors. The assessment tool then breaks down costs by category and estimates the potential savings an organization can achieve if it meets certain health care objectives by 2010. 

Contact: www.healthylife.com; e-mail: aipm@healthylife.com

Performance Management

Unanet Technologies has released Unanet Visual Insight, the latest version of its performance management software. Unanet Visual Insight is designed to help employers boost productivity and increase profitability. The software package gathers and analyzes information on strategic plans, business commitments, resource capacity, workforce skills and expenditures into a single system and provides managers with detailed insight into the best ways to optimize workforce performance. Unanet Visual Insight features dashboard graphics that offer managers an immediate performance profile on a particular project or on the whole organization. Unanet also provides summarized and detailed views of hours worked, resource costs and revenue. 

Contact: www.unanet.com; e-mail: info@unanet.com

Version 6.0 of the Workforce Central Suite from Kronos Inc. is designed to provide employers with the insight and information they need to manage performance and effectively use the talents of a global workforce. The latest version of Workforce Central can give employers a centralized location for workforce data and allow businesses to monitor and compare workforce performance across the globe. This web-based performance tool provides managers with immediate access to standardized workforce performance data. The system is designed to compile labor performance and other business metrics and allow users to assess workforce performance by employee, location, shift and job function. In addition, Kronos has applied its expertise in health care, manufacturing and retail operations to help organizations identify and address industry-specific challenges. 

Contact: www.kronos.com; e-mail: info@kronos


Oakwood Worldwide Inc. has announced the launch of myOakwood, a personalized online portal that offers employees who are relocating or on long-term assignments immediate access to information on temporary housing. The portal also provides users with local maps, directions, and store and restaurant listings. Users can place maintenance and service requests online through the portal. 

Contact: www.oakwood.com; e-mail: info@oakwood.com


Cytiva Software Inc. has added a new candidate search function to its popular SonicRecruit software. This new suite of search tools provides recruiters with a powerful tool to identify the best candidates within their own organization’s pool of talent. The new software is designed to mine an employer’s existing talent pool for crucial skills and qualifications as positions become available. The software’s enhanced search functions use keywords, proximity of terms and inflection to identify the most qualified candidates in a talent pool quickly and accurately. 

Contact: www.sonicrecruit.com; e-mail: ialexander@sonicrecruit.com

Agility HR has added automated onboarding software to its current suite of HR-related products. The new software package is called HiRe-Xpert and is designed to simplify and automate data collection for the hiring and orientation of new employees. The new software also can help human resource managers administer onboarding processes more efficiently by allowing users to collect and measure data at each stage of the employment process—from applicant screening to new employee orientation. 

Contact: www. myagilityhr.com; e-mail: info@myadilityhr.com

PayScale.com has launched the PayScale Syndication Center. This web-based tool allows businesses that operate and manage career and job-based web sites to research and use PayScale’s comprehensive salary information. The PayScale Syndication Center is designed to provide accurate salary information to job boards and career sites and features salary data tools that indicate market rates by geography, industry and specific job category. The salary data instruments include the innovative PayScale Salary Calculator and job listing comparisons. 

Contact: www.payscale.com; e-mail: info@payscale.com

Talent Management

Checkster Inc. has announced the release of a new talent management tool designed to help individuals recognize and expand their job skills and strengths through self-assessments and feedback from colleagues. With Checkster’s new web-based tool, users can obtain direct feedback from co-workers, supervisors and clients. The result is an assessment report that includes candid, anonymous and measured data on an individual’s core job strengths. The tool also is designed to help job seekers assess their skill levels and pinpoint unique talents, giving them a competitive edge when applying for jobs. 

Contact: www.checkster.com; e-mail: info@checkster.com

Harcourt Assessment Inc. has launched an online talent assessment tool that can provide employers with a new and innovative way to manage their employee assessment processes. The new web-based platform features expanded administrative and tracking functions and an improved interface that offers users greater flexibility, such as easy access to online assessment forms and to organizational data. The online system offers customer configuration and allows businesses to tailor the system to their specific needs. 

Contact: www.assesstalent.com; e-mail: info@assesstalent.com

Training And Development

Blackboard Inc. is offering a new online tool called ProSites designed to help businesses of all sizes improve their professional development and training courses. Companies now have access to technology similar to that used by education and military institutions in professional development classes. By using ProSites, businesses will be able to create their own branded web site, offer a variety of tests and surveys, and post information on available courses. This online tool also offers easy-to-use administrative options. 

Contact: www.blackboard.com; e-mail: info@blackboard.com

Anderson-davis Inc. has released a new set of interactive eLearning harassment prevention courses. The “Intent vs. Impact” series has a dedicated course for managers and supervisors and another for employees. These courses include versions that comply with California, Connecticut and federal standards for harassment training. The web-based training program is designed to teach interpersonal skills and behavioral topics. The courses feature a directed learning path that prevents participants from bypassing content. The courses are delivered in a Flash movie format that is easy to navigate and is available in both audio and non-audio versions. 

Contact: www.andersondavis.com; e-mail: cfanelli@andersondavis.com

Workplace Management

Magnatag’s latest version of its RotoCube Rotating Board Tower provides an innovative communications tool for displaying bulletin board information in high-traffic areas that lack wall display space. The free-standing RotoCube tower features a changeable marquee top for flexible use by various departments giving presentations. The tower rotates in either direction with the touch of a finger to display information on four sides. There is a total of 24 square feet of display space. 

Contact: www.magnatag.com/rotocube; e-mail: info@magnatag.com

Watson Wyatt Data Services has released “HR Solutions Suite,” a set of five CDs that contain thousands of examples of HR forms, policies and programs used by hundreds of companies. The content of the CDs are actual documents, programs and policies that are in use by organizations of all sizes and in all industries. Watson Wyatt Data Services has collected these documents and removed the contributors’ corporate names to preserve confidentiality. Users can browse through the contents to spark ideas and benchmark their own forms, policies and ideas. “HR Solutions Suite” includes documents that professionals from all HR functions can use to make their jobs easier and allow them to complete both routine tasks and larger projects. 

Contact: www.wwds.com; e-mail: survey.service@watsonwyatt.com

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